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Published on February 1, 2024

Home Remedies for Thinning Hair: Reclaiming Volume and Thickness Naturally

Home Remedies for Thinning Hair: Reclaiming Volume and Thickness Naturally

When it comes to achieving a thicker, luscious lock, harnessing the potency of natural ingredients is a popular choice. In the realm of beauty and charm, thick hair has always played a prominent role in enhancing beauty and charm. Multiple methods can give you thicker hair, but they cost a fortune, which is not affordable for everyone. Therefore, it means you should stop yourself from wanting the perfect hair. Fortunately, the answer is no—a big no. Many home remedies have a lot of natural ingredients that have tremendous benefits for hair.

In this article, we will discuss ways to create home remedies to get a thicker volume of hair. However, the first thing that should not be ignored is the factors that affect hair badly and lead to thin hair. That is why, first of all, you need to understand those factors and try to avoid them.

Home Remedies for Thinning Hair: Reclaiming Volume and Thickness Naturally

Factors that promote hair thinning



One of the primary reasons for hair thinning is genetic. People inherit many traits from their genetics. If your parents or a close family member experienced hair loss or baldness, then you may have this in your genes.


Hormonal changes 

Many problems and factors influence hormonal changes, such as pregnancy, manopause, and PCOS due to which you can experience hair loss.



The ageing factor is the most common in hair thinning. With growing age, the hair follicles shrink and affect hair growth. That is why, with time, you experience hair thinning or baldness.

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Poor diet and nutrition

For ideal hair growth, which is desired by almost every individual, it is necessary to consume proper nutrition and follow a proper diet. People with poor diets don’t get the necessary nutrients, which causes hair thinning.


Over styling and harsh hair products

People who are more into styling or who are professional models face this problem of baldness or hair loss more often. Because those people use harsh hair products, in addition, the heating styling method causes the hair to loosen.


How to promote thicker hair by using home remedies

Thicker hair can be promoted by using home remedies made from all natural products. These remedies are supernatural and super helpful. These remedies are beneficial for everyone. Let’s unveil all the magical remedies and their benefits.


Aloe vera mask


Take some fresh aloe vera.

Add some coconut oil to it.

Blend it well until you get a smooth consistency.


How to apply

The application of this aloe vera mask is super easy. Just take some quantity of mask in your hands and start applying it to your hair, starting from the scalp, and keep applying towards the end.



Aloe vera has amazing properties for thickening your hair; it promotes growth and keeps your hair moisturised and shiny.


Onion juice and coconut oil mask


Cut the red onion into pieces.

Grind it well in a mixture.

Stain the juice in a bowl.

Add a quantity of coconut oil to the onion juice.

Mix it well.


Method of application

Take the oil into your palm and massage it into your scalp and hair strands.

Make sure that the oil reaches every part of your head and every hair strand.



Onion juice and aloe vera help recover split ends. In addition, it also improves the scalp condition.


Herbal home remedies for thick hairs

There are a lot of herbs that are beneficial in every way. Let’s discuss the magical herbs that help you promote hair growth.


Henna hair mask

Take some henna powder into a bowl.

Make sure the henna is natural and in a shade of your choice.

Add some beetroot juice to the henna powder.

Add some aloe vera as well.

Mix it well until you get a thick consistency.



Apply this mask with the help of a henna hair dye brush.

Let it dry, and then wash it off.



Henna beetroot and aloe vera are the best combination for a perfect home remedy for your hair. It has all the essential properties that a hair needs for proper growth.


Essential oils for hair growth

Essential oils are the purest form of oil. Oiling your hair every week promotes hair growth. It keeps your hair strong and shiny as well.

There are some essential oils that you should add to your oiling routine because they are full of nutrients that your hair needs. Massaging this oil every week reduces the dandruff and repairs the rough hair strands. The list of these magical oils is as follows:

Rosemary oil

Mustard oil

Coconut oil

Onion oil



Natural home remedies have no side effects at all. In our busy routine, due to environmental factors, we are failing to take care of our hair health. That is why these remedies are important for us. Therefore, experiment with these home remedies, discover what works best for you, and embrace the journey of luxurious and voluminous locks naturally.

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