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Published on October 10, 2023

How to Get Started on a Healthy Routine That Can Last

When it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle, it’s not only the foods you eat or how you exercise. You want to make sure that this is a long-term thing, right? Well, when it comes to any healthy lifestyle, it’s all going to start with a good routine. It needs to be a routine you can stick to, a routine that you know for a fact is reliable, and something that you want to stick to as well.  Honestly, when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, this is the thing that people get wrong. They see how others do their routine, what they do, and they try to mimic it, thinking it’s one size fits all. 

Everyone has their own individual schedules, tastes, and everyone is on their own journeys, so what might work for one person may truly not work for you. But with that said, what exactly can you start going for yourself to ensure that you can create a solid routine that’s built to last? While sure, there are some considerations that need to be kept in mind, it’s certainly possible. So, here’s exactly what you need to know!

Why Does Routine Matter?

So, it all comes down to these four things: consistency, structure, stress, and accountability. These are basically the pillars of getting a healthy routine going, and these are exactly why a solid routine is going to matter rather than going about all of this at random. 

So, it’s best to think of it this way: Consistency is key to seeing positive changes in your health. There needs to be structure to all of this too, such as helping you allocate time for important health-related activities. But you need to also know what to expect; there needs to be that sense of stability and control in your life, which is why this routine needs to be rigid because it’s a firm reminder of what you have control over. Plus, when it comes to a routine, you’re going to be way more than likely to hold yourself accountable, too, since this isn’t a chaotic mess. 

So What Can You Do To Make a Routine That’s Built to Last for Your Life?

Honestly, it’s about reflecting on your schedule, what you’re wanting to do, and trial and error. While this sounds simplistic, a lot of thought needs to go into this, and it’s ideal to not do too much trial and error. So, here’s more of what you might want to consider. 

Set Clear Goals for Yourself

When it comes to healthy living, it’s not always as basic as diet and exercise. This could be mental health, eye health, hair health, skin care, hearing health, you name it. You don’t need to be basic with this. So, what aspect do you want to focus on, and what goals are you want for yourself? 

If your goal is to improve your hearing health and to prevent age-related hearing loss, then you might want to make a goal to wear more hearing protection, have the volume lower, or even consider looking into a guide to hearing aid fittings. The same goes for mental health; create goals for improving that, and so on. Just make sure these are small goals since it’s more easy to achieve. 

What’s Your Current Lifestyle Looking?

It might be a bit uncomfortable, but you’ll be helping yourself if you take a good, hard look at your current lifestyle. It’s best to go ahead and identify areas where you can make improvements. This self-assessment will serve as a baseline for designing your health routine. Ask yourself some questions like how your diet, sleep, exercise, and other aspects of your health are. Chances are, there’s always room for improvement somewhere. 

Create a Realistic Schedule

So, no matter what the activity is that you’re wanting to do in the name of your health, do you actually have enough time for it, and can you even make enough time for it? Be realistic about the time you can commit to each activity. That’s the thing that gets people falling out of this routine quickly, and that’s the lack of being realistic with themselves. If you have to, go about it slowly rather than cold turkey. 

Trial and Error are Fine

Honestly, it’s all going to come down to trial and error when it comes to getting a routine that’s just right. So, it’s best to go ahead and consistently follow your routine and track your progress. Whatever it is that you’re doing, whether it’s improving your skincare, your hearing, diet, or anything else, be sure to monitor it and just be open to changes whenever they may be needed. 

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