Published on May 4, 2023

What Causes Itching that Moves Around the Body

What causes itching that moves around the body? Is it a due to a blood clot in the leg? Why do varicose veins itch in my legs? Should I seek varicose veins treatments?

How to relieve itchy legs with varicose veins? It is a reasonably frequent symptom after the appearance of a blood clot in the leg; in addition to the fatigue and heaviness of the area, an itch appears in the size of the varicose veins. This can be one of the most annoying symptoms that varicose veins present, but there are to treat the discomfort they may cause.

In our post, we will explain what causes itching that moves around the body. Is it the blood clot in the leg, and what are the possible remedies and solutions to this pathology?

What causes itchy legs with varicose veins?

Generally, varicose veins appear very close to the skin’s surface. Since they are defective valves, our body does not stop emitting signals so that we become aware of the condition, presenting difficulties in moving blood generally to the heart.

As a result of these veins not performing their function correctly, the body tries to solve this incident quickly. A quantity of this response is carried out hormonally; in the case of itchy legs due to varicose veins, the hormone histamine is responsible. This hormone causes an allergic reaction as a result of the malfunction of the veins, causing itching.

What should I do if blood clots in my leg itch?

Although instinct leads us to scratch our legs to relieve the itching of varicose veins, it is not the best option to calm the discomfort or treat it since the skin must break down the irritation.

Scratching the varicose veins of the legs usually worsens the situation seriously because, at the time of scratching, we continue to deteriorate the state of the vein, causing trauma. These veins are found in superficial areas of the skin. Hence, the more we scratch the area, it will cause the more significant deterioration of the vein, and, therefore, a greater amount of histamine will be secreted and an increase in itching.

Why do varicose veins itch?

As we have said, one of the most common symptoms is the itching of varicose veins. It is an uncomfortable and persistent sensation that originates from the fact that these veins are very close to the skin’s surface. These veins have damaged valves and therefore have problems bringing blood back to the heart, so they cause a reaction from the body to solve the problem.

Thus, the body begins to secrete hormones, such as histamine, which is in charge of being released when there is an allergic reaction on the skin and, therefore, causes this annoying itching. So now you know why varicose veins itch and what their cause is.

What should I do if I have varicose veins in my legs?

Your most instinctive reaction is scratching the area to relieve the itching. However, this is not a good idea because you will further damage the veins, and your body will defend itself by producing more hormones, increasing the itching sensation. For this reason, the best advice we can give you at USA Vein Clinic is to avoid worsening the situation. You should not scratch since if you do, you will make the symptoms worse. Immediately check with us for suitable varicose veins treatments.

How to relieve itchy legs with varicose veins?

As we have said before, you should never scratch your legs to relieve the itching in the area with varicose veins, no matter how good an idea it may seem. You must let the skin clear up the reaction on its own.

Playing sports: When we perform physical activities, the leg muscles contract and help the affected veins and valves move blood more efficiently to the heart.

Stockings to compress the legs: It is a handy measure, and they must exert pressure in the lower area and not in the upper area to help blood return.

Visit a specialist: If you need an expert in varicose veins, do not hesitate to contact our specialist USA Vein Clinic for varicose veins treatments.

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