Published on January 3, 2024

Why Dermaplaning is a Must-Try Treatment

If you’re a frequent user of beauty TikTok and YouTube, you may have heard about this cosmetic treatment known as dermaplaning. This treatment removes peach fuzz and dead skin cells, allowing serums and makeup to absorb much better.

Even though it looks similar to shaving, dermaplaning is safe if performed correctly. Here are a few things you should know before undergoing this treatment.

It Removes Dead Skin Cells

During dermaplaning, a medical-grade scalpel gently scrapes the skin, removing dead skin cells and peach fuzz. This instantly makes skin appear smoother and healthier. The process of exfoliation is necessary because it helps to unclog pores and prevent breakouts. It also stimulates cell turnover to reveal fresher and younger-looking skin.

The procedure is very safe if a qualified esthetician or dermatologist does it. However, minor nicks and irritation are possible.

It may feel a little strange at first, but the process doesn’t hurt, and it’s swift. The treatment only takes 30 minutes to be in and out of the office and back to your day. The results last up to six weeks.

It Reduces Fine Lines

Dermaplaning isn’t just an effective exfoliating treatment; it also reduces fine lines and improves skin texture. It also helps makeup look better. “It makes it easier for products to penetrate the face, including serums like vitamin C or hyaluronic acid,” says a dermatologist. “Without the peach fuzz and other dead cells, those products will be more effective.”

During the dermaplaning Chicago procedure, the practitioner gently glides the dermatome across your face, not touching any sensitive areas of the face, such as the eyes or lips. It usually takes about 30 minutes and requires zero downtime.

Some people might experience slight redness after the treatment, but that will fade quickly. Occasionally, it might reactivate cold sores, but your provider can give you an antiviral medication beforehand to prevent this from happening.

It Removes Peach Fuzz

While shaving can effectively remove peach fuzz, dermaplaning is more thorough. This treatment involves a surgical scalpel rather than a regular razor, and it’s safer for drier skin types. It also eliminates more of the top layer of dead skin cells and is more aggressive than at-home exfoliants.

Sitting still during a dermaplaning session is essential so your facialist doesn’t accidentally nick or cut you. Luckily, this procedure is very safe and painless.

Often, patients are recommended to undergo a dermaplaning treatment once per month to maintain a smooth complexion. This is more effective than just shaving or using chemical peels, and it enhances the absorption of your favorite skincare products. This leads to more radiant skin that glows.

It Reduces Acne

Dermaplaning is a safe treatment for most skin types. However, those with rosacea, eczema, or psoriasis should avoid it since the scraping process could irritate.

If you are concerned about sensitivity, it is recommended that you schedule a consultation with your dermatologist before you try it. Your dermatologist will also be able to provide you with a recommendation on what moisturizers and serums are best for your skin type.

Dermaplaning can help reduce acne by removing oil and excess skin cells contributing to clogged pores. It can also improve the appearance of acne scars. This exfoliation treatment can help boost collagen production for a more even complexion. Many people love how soft and smooth their skin feels after a dermaplaning session.

It Improves Skin Texture

A dermaplaning session removes the top layer of skin cells and peach fuzz (vellus hair), which can improve skin tone and texture. It also unclogs pores, decreasing the risk of future breakouts and reducing hyperpigmentation. It can also help skincare products better penetrate the skin and enhance hydration and radiance.

It’s best to avoid dermaplaning if you have active breakouts or a sunburn, as the treatment can cause irritation and worsen these issues. However, if done correctly by a professional, any cuts should be minimal and heal quickly without leaving marks.

A dermaplaning session is similar to shaving, but instead of using a razor, your facialist will use a specialized blade along the face. The edge is held at a 45-degree angle to scrape away the surface of your skin and remove dulling dead cells and fine hairs.

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