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Published on November 15, 2023

Colonoscopy Clinic Singapore: Addressing Common Concerns and FAQs

When referred to a colonoscopy clinic in Singapore, preparing for a first-time visit can be a mix of emotions. Nervousness is common due to uncertainty about the procedure and results.

The preparation process involves dietary restrictions and cleansing routines, which can be uncomfortable. Arriving at the clinic might bring apprehension about the procedure itself.

However, the staff is accustomed to such concerns and strives to create a supportive environment. During the visit, you should expect to receive clear explanations, to help ease worries. Here’s all you need to know about colonoscopies; https://www.andrea-digestive-clinic.com/colonoscopy/.

So, what is a Colonoscopy Clinic, and why would I Need to Visit One?

Simply put, a colonoscopy clinic is a specialized medical facility where colonoscopies are performed. It’s a place dedicated to assessing the health of your colon.

Colonoscopy clinics are equipped with advanced tools for this purpose. Key among these tools is the flexible tube with a camera, to examine the colon’s inner lining. Regular visits to these clinics are crucial for various reasons.

To begin, colonoscopies help to spot hidden issues such as colorectal cancer and polyps. These problems can develop without symptoms, making early detection crucial for effective treatment.

Also, a colonoscopy can provide insight into the cause of your struggles if you’re experiencing unexplained digestive symptoms like persistent abdominal pain, changes in bowel habits, or bleeding. And what’s more, if you have a family history of colon issues or are at an age where regular screenings are recommended, visiting a colonoscopy clinic in Singapore becomes even more important.

By identifying potential problems early, these clinics aid in preventing the progression of conditions that could become severe over time. That said, a trip to a colonoscopy clinic in Singapore is a proactive step towards maintaining your colon health and ensuring any underlying concerns are addressed promptly, potentially saving your life through timely intervention.

How do I know if I Need to Visit a Colonoscopy Clinic?

As already mentioned, early detection through colonoscopy can lead to timely intervention and potentially save your life. Here’s the twist, unless referred to a colonoscopy clinic in Singapore, it isn’t easy to tell right away that you need to visit a colonoscopy clinic. If you think that you need to visit one or your loved one should visit, here are five basics to keep in mind;

  • Age and Screening Guidelines: If you’re 45 years or older, following colonoscopy screening guidelines becomes pivotal. This test is essential for spotting early-stage colon issues, including colorectal cancer. It’s important to act even if you don’t feel symptoms. This is key because adhering to age-based guidelines ensures potential problems are detected promptly.
  • Family History: If your family has a history of colorectal cancer or polyps, your risk might be higher. Should a close family member (parent, sibling, or child) have encountered these conditions, consulting a doctor regarding your screening needs becomes prudent. Early detection through screening can genuinely be life-preserving.
  • Unexplained Symptoms: Ongoing symptoms like belly pain, unintended weight loss, shifts in bowel habits (such as diarrhea or constipation), or bleeding from the rectum can be worrisome indicators of underlying troubles. Engaging a medical expert becomes vital to discern if a colonoscopy is necessary to pinpoint the root of these symptoms.
  • Personal Medical History: If you’ve previously dealt with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, your vulnerability to specific colon-related issues rises. Your gastro specialist may suggest routine colonoscopies to vigilantly monitor the health of your colon.
  • Positive Stool Tests: Stool tests like the fecal occult blood test (FOBT) may yield positive outcomes indicating blood in the stool. Although this doesn’t instantly diagnose a specific ailment, it does raise concern and may signal the requirement for deeper investigation, often via a colonoscopy. This step ensures serious conditions, such as colorectal cancer, are either ruled out or caught early.

How Should I Prepare for my Visit to a Colonoscopy Clinic?

Preparing for a colonoscopy involves several steps to ensure a smooth experience. We also must say that the process might not be easy. Nonetheless, it is a key step in protecting your health. Here’s a roundup of how to prepare for your visit to the colonoscopy clinic;

  • Planning Your Prep: When you schedule your procedure, you’ll receive instructions from your doctor. Clear your schedule for the day before the colonoscopy.  Also, ensure there are no commitments on the day of the colonoscopy. Importantly, make arrangements for someone to accompany you. Shop for supplies such as laxatives, low-fiber foods, sports drinks, and wipes.
  • Tweaking Your Diet: Three to four days before the procedure, stick to low-fiber foods like white bread, well-cooked vegetables, skinless fruit, lean meat, and eggs. Avoid seeds, nuts, popcorn, fatty foods, whole grains, raw vegetables, and certain fruits. Stop taking vitamins and ask your doctor about prescription medications.
  • Fasting: On the day before the procedure, consume only clear liquids like sports drinks, clear juice, broth, and gelatin. Avoid colored or opaque liquids, alcohol, and drinks with cream. Stop clear liquid intake a few hours before the procedure.
  • The Purge: The night before, take strong laxatives to cleanse your digestive tract. Split dosing involves drinking a half-gallon of liquid laxative in the evening and another half-gallon about 6 hours before the appointment. Make the solution more palatable by mixing it with flavored drinks or chilling it. Expect frequent diarrhea, cramps, and bloating. Stay near a bathroom, use wipes, and apply diaper cream if needed. Wear adult diapers if concerned about accidents.

Final Tips:

  • Stay hydrated throughout the process with clear liquids.
  • Follow your doctor’s guidance closely.
  • The color of your stool indicates the effectiveness of the process.
  • Be patient and take breaks if needed.

Is a Colonoscopy Painful or just Uncomfortable?

One of the most common questions we have had to answer so many times for the patients who are referred to or just visit our colonoscopy clinic in Singapore is; is colonoscopy painful or just uncomfortable? Here’s what you need to know;

To begin, the question of whether a colonoscopy is painful or merely uncomfortable is a common concern. Each person’s encounter varies, but the procedure is essentially painless. The use of anesthesia ensures a pain-free experience; you won’t feel discomfort or even recall the process.

The medications employed usually wear off swiftly, minimizing any lasting effects. This reassures patients apprehensive about the procedure’s aftereffects.

It’s important to note that while the colonoscopy itself is painless due to anesthesia, some individuals might experience mild discomfort or bloating during the preparation phase, where the colon is emptied. Overall, the discomfort associated with a colonoscopy is generally manageable and temporary, outweighed by the invaluable benefits of early detection and prevention of serious colon-related conditions.

Closing Thoughts

Visiting a colonoscopy clinic in Singapore if referred to one is crucial. It allows for thorough examination of your colon’s health.

Detecting hidden issues like cancer or polyps early is vital, as symptoms might not be present. Also, timely diagnosis through clinic visits can lead to effective treatment, potentially saving lives. If you’re looking to visit an accredited colonoscopy clinic in Singapore, call or visit us at;

The Andrea’s Digestive, Colon, Liver and Gall Bladder Clinic

101 Irrawaddy Road #21-11/12

Royal Square Medical Centre

Singapore 329565


+65 6264-2836

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