Published on December 23, 2022

Everything You Should Know About Alcohol Detoxification

In a broad sense, the concept of detoxification means cleansing the body. If we consider the concept of detoxification from alcoholism, then we will talk about cleansing the body of those toxic substances that are formed as a result of the breakdown of alcohol.

Alcohol is a drug in our culture and beyond. Many people abuse it and then struggle with the consequences of alcohol poisoning. How to cleanse the body of alcohol? We have prepared an informative article from which you will learn about alcohol detoxification, information about detox centers near me, symptoms of alcohol poisoning, as well as how to cleanse the body after drinking alcohol. Moreover, you can also get drug detox kits which can further help cleanse your body.

The goal of detoxification

The main goal of alcohol detox process is to overcome the extremely unpleasant state of physical discomfort experienced by a person who systematically consumes alcohol in large volumes, in other words, suffers from alcohol addiction. Alleviation of such a severe condition of hangover or intoxication is achieved by removing toxic substances from the body, or by promoting the acceleration of their decay in the human body itself. One way or another, the main goal is to get rid of these harmful poisonous substances, and, as a result, to alleviate the general physical condition of a person.

Detoxification of the body after alcohol 

Alcohol contains a number of toxins. People who have a special passion for alcohol can drink for several days or weeks. This leads to disturbances in ion-electrolyte balance, deficiency of vitamins and minerals. The compounds contained in alcohol are involved in metabolism, so the sudden withdrawal of narcotic substances causes unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal syndrome, which is a reaction of the body’s response to biochemical starvation. Salvage in such a situation is detoxification of the body. 

Alcohol detoxification in detox centers near me is recommended not only for alcoholics, but also for people who have abused this substance from time to time and suffer from physical consequences in the form of a so-called hangover and much more. Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances from the body and restoring those necessary for its normal functioning. Long-term, even one-time use of alcohol disrupts the body’s internal water-electrolyte balance. Such changes cause general malaise, and the level of potassium, magnesium and sodium also suffers. 

Detoxification from alcohol (complete cleansing of the body from alcohol) consists, as the name suggests, in removing the toxin, which is alcohol, from the body. In order for the body to function properly, it needs to restore the necessary substances, thereby relieving and reducing the physical symptoms of intoxication, such as alcoholic epilepsy, or mental disorders such as depression.

Symptoms of alcohol poisoning. How long does it last?

Single, episodic alcohol poisoning is usually accompanied by: 

  • nausea and vomiting; 
  • general weakness of the body; 
  • concentration disorder; 
  • headaches and muscle pains; 
  • loss of appetite; 
  • increased sensitivity to smells, sometimes to sounds. 

These symptoms most often appear during the day. At the same time, detoxification from alcohol itself takes an average of one or two days. The longer you drink alcohol (for example, several days), the more time your body will need to regenerate and the longer it will take to cleanse the body of alcohol. Detoxification after long-term alcohol use that requires medical attention is usually done in a hospital and can take up to 10 days.

How to cleanse the body from long-term alcohol intake in a detox center near me? 

During detoxification, electrolytes, mineral salts and vitamins (mainly B1) are administered intravenously to the patient. Such actions make it possible to slowly restore the metabolic balance in the body. 

The main goal of detoxification is to break the pattern of alcohol consumption and alleviate the physical and mental effects of abrupt withdrawal from alcohol. Detoxification restores the fluid level in the body. The process improves the patient’s condition and prepares him for therapy. 

Patients are prescribed: 

  • vitamin B1; 
  • magnesium; 
  • potassium. 

Doctors conduct blood tests and other diagnostics to control the remains of harmful substances in the body. 

Pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed to drug addicts to alleviate the effects of the withdrawal syndrome. These include painkillers, sleeping pills and sedatives. Often therapy is supported by drugs from the group of benzodiazepines. 

Rest is a good method not only for detoxification from alcohol, but also for restoring strength and fighting depression. The best way for that is away from the daily grind. That is why a lot of detox facilities near me offer such services. 

Is a person healthy immediately after detoxification?

Often after completing a detox procedure, people ask if they can go home now that they are completely healthy. The answer to this question is unequivocal – no. Addiction is a disease both physical and psychological, respectively, and it needs to be treated in these directions as well. According to this statement, detox near me is only the first initial step in the treatment of physical dependence on alcohol.

However, there is still a large area that should also be covered by medical therapy; and this section is the human psyche. Unfortunately, no matter how highly skilled detoxification is, it cannot change a person’s dependent pattern of thinking and behavior. Therefore, after completing the course of detoxification, narcologists recommend taking a course of psychosocial rehabilitation, the purpose of which is the psychological correction of a person and his adaptation to life in society in sobriety.

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