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Published on May 20, 2024

Five Reasons You Should Make An Appointment With Your Audiologist

If you’re looking to take your health more seriously, especially as you get older, then you have to recognize that your hearing health is one aspect that needs to be treated with care and given more attention. An audiologist can help you diagnose and manage all manner of ear and hearing health conditions, but how do you know that you should make an appointment with one? Here are five good reasons to get in touch.

You have signs of hearing loss

Most people tend to visit the audiologist when they’re experiencing signs of hearing loss. If you’re having trouble communicating with people around you, find that they complain about the volume of your TV or radio, or you’re missing sounds that you could previously hear, it’s worth taking a trip to the audiologist. They can provide an assessment that can provide you with a complete picture of your hearing health and can recommend and fit hearing aids if you need them.

You’re experiencing tinnitus

Tinnitus, most often categorized as a ringing in the ears, but able to manifest as a host of other sounds, as well, affects most of us at some point. Some of us will experience it after being exposed to a really loud noise, but it will go away, usually. If your tinnitus persists, it could be a sign of an underlying issue. Audiologists can help find the root cause of tinnitus in some cases, but can otherwise help with managing tinnitus effectively. When left untreated, long-term tinnitus can greatly affect your quality of life, so it’s a good idea to find ways to manage it.

You have other ear issues

Audiologists can treat other issues affecting your ears, as well. Excessive earwax can cause discomfort and hearing difficulties. Audiologists can safely remove earwax and provide advice on proper ear care. They can also help if you are experiencing symptoms of other ear issues, such as persistent pain, a feeling of fullness, or pressure in the ears. Audiologists can diagnose more than hearing issues, alone.

You have balance issues

Aside from issues with your hearing and the physical health of your ear, audiologists also treat all manner of vertigo and balance issues. If you experience frequent dizziness, vertigo, or balance problems, the inner ear is often involved. Audiologists can provide assessments and develop treatment plans to mitigate these symptoms.

You haven’t had a hearing test in a while

If you have never had a hearing test, it’s a good idea to get one done now, so that you have a baseline that future tests can be compared to, in order to more accurately give you an idea of how your hearing health has changed over time. Regular check-ups can help detect any changes in hearing early on, allowing for timely intervention and management. They are especially important as we get older.

Basically, if you are concerned that something is affecting your ear, hearing, or balance health, or even if it’s been a while since you had them checked, it’s worth getting in touch with your audiologist. The worst that can happen is a more complete picture of your hearing health,

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