Published on November 27, 2023

How Do You Get a Medical Marijuana Card in West Virginia?

Medical marijuana can be an important part of many people’s medical care, but actually getting a medical card in Ohio, for example, can seem daunting at first. Like most states, West Virginia has restrictions on the who, the how, and the why when it comes to obtaining a medical cannabis card.

However, that does not make them impossible to get. You simply need to know what steps to take and where to turn to start the entire process.

Getting Approved

Being approved for a WV medical cannabis card requires a state license and/or ID card, as well as a range of other documents. 

The most notable is the utility bill or voter restriction document you need, which proves that you are actually a resident of West Virginia and are not simply visiting to obtain a card that you should not be able to.

Getting approval means you can legally purchase medical cannabis from a registered dispensary in the state. Be sure to read up on other relevant local laws before you do, just to ensure that you do not do anything wrong.

As of writing, WV has nine different dispensaries in operation, meaning that you should be able to reach one from most places in the state with only a decent amount of driving.

What The Card Does

Once you have your West Virginia Medical Cannabis Card, you will be able to buy your medication from the dispensary of your choice. Note that this has other limits associated with it, as part of the state’s regulations on how medical cannabis can be bought and used.

Without this card, you are not legally allowed to purchase medical weed through dispensaries. Recreational cannabis is still illegal in West Virginia, although the city of Morgantown has partially decriminalized the possession of cannabis under the right circumstances.

West Virginia Medical Cannabis Limits

For example, a licensed dispensary cannot sell edibles directly, although medical users are free to mix their cannabis products into their own food and drink if they choose. This means that you are still under the rules set by the dispensary when it comes to the type of products that are available.

Also, note that the state limits how much marijuana you can actually have at any given time to prevent people from stockpiling it. 

A dispensary cannot give out more than a 30-day supply unless you have less than seven days remaining – realistically, patients should only possess 30 days’ worth of supply, whether that is plant material, extracts, or both.

Do I need a Medical Cannabis Card in West Virginia?

If you need to buy medical marijuana, then you need one of these cards. Without one, it is impossible to buy medical cannabis products, which means that you have no legal way of getting the medical marijuana products that your particular medical issues may benefit from.

Applying for one of these cards is relatively easy through platforms like NuggMD, which streamlines the application process dramatically. Taking the time to apply and get a card is worth it in the long term, although you will need to re-apply yearly to maintain it.

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