Published on November 16, 2022

Movember: A Month of Mustaches and Men’s Health

Significance of Movember

Movember is a global movement and event that lasts for a month. This is a significant event as it is all about men growing mustaches for charitable purposes. For more than a decade, this event turned into a global phenomenon.

It continues to earn huge amounts of money designed to help causes related to men’s health, including mental health awareness, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer. It even has causes for suicide prevention, making it truly one of the most significant events for men.

What are the Rules?

Here are the rules to take part in the famous Movember event:

  • Register at their official website –
  • Begin with a clean face or clean shave on the 31st of October – Provide the site with a “before picture” of you without a beard. Note that you will not be able to participate in the event if you wear any beard or mustache.
  • Grow and groom your mustache or lip hair within the next thirty days – Make it a point to use this to start conversations tackling health issues affecting men. Hopefully, this should help you raise money.
  • Conduct yourself as a true gentleman.
  • Show pictures of your mustache, especially unusually-styled ones, on November 30.

Best Mustache Styles

Here are some of the best mustache styles you can grow and groom during the Movember event:


Having sparse facial hair should not stop you from participating in the Movember event. You can just choose the scruffy mustache style, which you can easily grow and maintain. It is also a good choice if you prefer a style that requires zero grooming.


Another easy-to-grow mustache style for the month-long event is the pencil mustache. It can definitely make you appear like a dashing debonair. The only thing you need for this style would be some attention in the area surrounding the bottom. This should be enough in maintaining the straight pencil shape.


This vaguely military mustache will surely let you carry a classic and military style confidently. It gives you the chance to create a full-bodied variation of the typical mustache. You will also feel good as this style is more refined and well-shaped.


This style can remind anyone of a bike’s handlebars. What’s great about this famous and classic mustache is that you can choose to grow it short or long and feature pointy ends that you can curl up and out at every side. 


This is a famous mustache as several celebrities, including Big Paul and Hulk Hogan, already sported it. Basically, it requires some thickness over the upper lip that should then run down every side of your mouth, often to your jawline. There are also those who are able to continue the growth down their neck and necklines.

An easy way to get this style would be creating a full goatee then taking off the hair covering your chin and cheeks. After that, the sides should be left so the mustache will be in vertical and long lines.


Go for the Walrus mustache if you are interested in wearing standard and overgrown facial hair. It should be long enough that it can cover your bottom lip once you close your mouth. Upon reaching a good length, you can choose to trim the sides so they will be aligned with your mouth’s corners. You can then cut it to your preferred length.

How to Grow and Maintain Them?

Here are some tips for growing and maintaining your chosen mustache style for the Movember event:

  • Be extra patient – Remember that you can’t expect the growth to take place overnight. Commit to growing a mustache then stick with it even if it requires you to go through uncomfortable and awkward phases.
  • Grow your mustache or facial hair simultaneously – This means growing them out at the same time. This should help in preventing the awkward and uncomfortable look.
  • Trim regularly – In this case, you can use some beard or facial hair scissors. The goal here is to keep your mustache neat and well-trimmed. Make it a point to trim the hair when dry to prevent irritation and other beard issues.
  • Comb your facial hair – This should help in making the cut more precise. Use high-quality beard balms to keep the shape looking great and the hair well-moisturized, too.


Taking part in the Movember event is definitely one way to feel good about yourself. It allows you to grow your facial hair and tackle some issues affecting men. It also allows you to help in your own little way while being able to show off a kind of mustache that you feel confident wearing. 

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