Published on April 16, 2024

Stop Your Medical Costs from Skyrocketing

Many of us dread the day when we might have to go to the hospital or rely on a healthcare specialist, precisely because the costs of healthcare have been a major concern for so many people for so long. As long as the medical industry is run for profit, this headache isn’t going to go away, so it’s best to learn how to deal with it to ensure that you’re able to get the treatment you need, in the best way possible. Here, we’re going to look at some tips to help you manage your medical expenses.

Stay in-network

Assuming that you have health insurance, the unfortunate reality is that your options may be somewhat limited as to where you can seek the treatment that you need. That said, this also opens up an opportunity for savings. Get to know the in-network healthcare providers in your area, and choose to see those who are in-network. Even if your insurance does cover out-of-network providers, you are likely to be paying more for them. If you don’t like your in-network providers, then you may need to consider switching your insurance provider to one that opens up your access to others. Choosing the right doctors goes beyond insurance network coverage alone, but it should certainly be part of your consideration.

Starting planning around your care

If you have a treatment that you think you may need or might be able to improve your quality of life, then the sooner you start planning for it, the better. Say, you want to undergo LASIK treatment to improve your eyesight, then you should start budgeting around it now. This includes taking the time to research the financial cost of LASIK, as well as any costs of recovery, such as taking time out of work, that you might need. If you can work out the overall cost, you can start saving up to pay it off completely, or to pay the deductible on your insurance.

Consider opting for generic medication

When you are diagnosed with medication, rather than immediately picking it up, you may want to take the time to research your options. Does that medication have generic options? Generic alternatives to medication have the exact same key active ingredients, but there are sometimes small differences in things like delivery method which may, in some cases, cause non-generics to take effect sooner. Ask your doctor about the difference between any medication and its generic counterpart to see if switching could save you money without affecting your treatment too much.

Get ready to dispute any errors

Medical billing errors are not a flash-in-the-pan freak occurrence. They are distressingly common, ranging from simple data input errors that cause you to not be covered by your insurance, to duplicate item billings, or getting billed for treatments and services that you didn’t make use of. As such, learn how to read your medical bills, how to notice discrepancies, and don’t hesitate to bring up incorrect bills when they come through. It can help you get those erroneous costs removed.

Know when you really need emergency care

When you need to make use of emergency treatment services then, by all means, you should definitely do so. In fact, it might be better to err on the side of caution if you have any symptoms that need emergency medical attention. However, otherwise, you should really stop and think about whether a trip to the emergency room is worth it. If you can wait until tomorrow when you’re able to be seen by another doctor, then you might want to do it, simply because emergency room treatment typically costs three times as much as a regular appointment.

Try the telemedicine approach

Digital technology is continuing to change the medical industry. In part, it’s changing how a lot of us see our doctors. You may not necessarily need to go for a physical checkup and appointment, Telemedicine technology allows practices that are equipped with it to remotely get in touch with patients, using video feeds to check out any visual symptoms. Of course, sometimes, you are going to need a physical checkup, but using telemedicine where possible costs the practice less, so you may get charged less, as well.

If you’re a patient of the medical system, then you are also a customer and you need to start thinking like one. Ensure that you’re getting your money’s worth, and be ready to watch out for issues that could end up costing you more than your treatment should. Advocate for yourself, first and foremost.

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