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Published on July 17, 2023

The Top 5 Important Elements of Emotional Intelligence in Nursing


Just another word to describe a person who is strong enough to tolerate everything and soft enough to understand everyone.

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Nurses are truly the unsung heroes of the medical industry. The doctors may operate the tumor out and get all the accolades, but the nurses bring the operated body back to life. Their caring nature is sometimes their biggest strength and their fatal flaw because they forget to take care of themselves amidst attending to their patients. 

Whenever we hear the term nurse, the few words that come to our mind are:

  • Caring.
  • Nurturing.
  • Resilient.
  • Dependable.

All the emotions we can resonate with are the beauty of being a nurse. They have the IQ to hold a medical degree and the EQ to be Mother Teresas. When it comes to any nursing job, emotional quotient becomes a big part of the job description. However, it doesn’t end with empathy.

In this excerpt below, we will discuss the important EQ elements in nursing.

Emotional Quotient & Its Importance For A Nurse

It is not all about being caring, kind, and wearing their heart on their sleeve. Although people have a vague idea of what it means to be emotionally resilient and steady. Here is how:

1. Self-Regulation

A nurse’s job is difficult. In many situations, they have to be extremely tolerant towards a behavior one can only see in hospitals. Not only do they have to tolerate it, but health care nurses have to take care of the person while still providing a personal touch.

It takes a different form of self-regulation to not give in to your aggravating emotions, keep a tranquil demeanor and try and help the wounded one.

2. Resilient

These are people who have a stomach full of hardship, bloodshed, and ailment. All the while being the steady, dependable figure for the one in pain. There are only a few times when they can show their weakness, and it is certainly not around their patients.

This is why building strong resilience comes in the cover letter of nurses. Plus, they will have long hours, and so many times, their workload will seem a little unfair. Resilient nurses will have their eyes on the final goal and keep going.

3. Motivation

It is not just about motivating oneself but also the other person in the room who is in a much worse state. There are so many times when a patient or family member will lose every hope of recovery, the hospital environment will make them more depressed, and they will start having morbid thoughts.

Even after all the pain that the nurse is seeing, health care nurses have to be strong enough to motivate others. It takes strength and a lot of self-awareness to tell someone the truth about their condition, all the while motivating them for a quicker recovery.

4. Empathy

A health care nurse is incomplete without empathy. They have to harbor a world of care and kindness within them to not only nurture the patient but also understand their pain.

A nurse dives into the patient’s mind and sees things from their perspective. This is what gives them the strength to inspire others throughout their healing journey.

Without empathy, care doesn’t come from within. Most nurses take their patients as more than just a job; they become their responsibility.

5. Social Skills

A skill that will help them immensely in terms of career improvement. If they wish to change their field for a job and work in individual home care, good communication skills will give health care nurses the confidence to make connections.

It will also help them to speak to the family members of the patient without hesitation and inform them about the journey. Generally, family members converse more with nurses than doctors while they stay in the hospital.

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