Published on August 10, 2022

The Types of Testosterone Treatments Available and Its Risks

You may have asked what is testosterone at some point in your life. If you do not already know it is recognized to have a drastic effect on how men develop especially in their adolescence. Whereas women are known to be highly affected by estrogen, however, both hormones are found in everyone’s body regardless of gender. When hypogonadism occurs in men it can hamper both their mental and physical health. This is when the testosterone levels are at lower levels than they should be. 

If this occurs men are advised to be treated with testosterone replacement therapy. The advised levels are 350 nb/dL and above, which means that the concentration of the testosterone androgen in the blood is at its optimal levels. If women want to undergo the treatments it is usually either because of a deficiency of the hormone or a path has been taken to change genders. There can be increased risks that do come with testosterone therapy so it is critical to understand what mistakes can be made, its effects, and how to avoid them as much as possible. 

Testosterone Boosters and Treatments that are Available

Before you decide to undergo the therapy and boost your levels you would want to first test that you have low testosterone and your levels. This is done through total and free tests, it is how they measure your levels and it is recommended that free testosterone is done together with the total testosterone tests. A testosterone booster helps people build up their levels so that they are able to decrease or completely eliminate their hypogonadism symptoms. The type of approaches to the treatments available can differ in the manner of how to increase testosterone. 

If you decide to take a booster that is in gel form then it would need to be applied on dry skin and you would need to wait for it to dry after application. This can be applied to your upper back, dependent on the type of gel it can be applied to the inside of your nose, or on your arms. Injections of the hormone are provided to deliver it directly into the bloodstream. 

The injection site is administered under the skin or into the muscles every second week or weekly dependent on how much is being dosed and if you are a man or undergoing transgender care. You are shown how to conduct this form of therapy to ensure that there is complete safety. The patches that are available are placed on the skin can be waterproof. If pellets are chosen as an option then that would be administered under the skin. The alternative way to boost low testosterone is through natural means. This is done by altering your dietary intake, keeping healthy, and increased sleep.               

Side Effects of Testosterone and the Mistakes You Can Make

Taking the wrong dose or cycling your testosterone treatment can be two of the biggest mistakes that you can make. This would ultimately revert the number of hormones that have been produced or do not work at all. It can also have mental health or physical issues that would inevitably set in and is already prevalent in men or women affected by low testosterone levels. Other issues that may begin to occur are increased risks to cancer, higher blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood clots if your levels become too high.

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