Published on December 15, 2023

Tips for Recovering After a Spinal Cord Injury

According to, approximately 18,000 new spinal cord injuries occur each year in the United States, and studies show that auto and motorcycle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries. 

Spinal cord injuries can be very serious, as they could lead to you needing serious medical care or in some cases leave you completely bedridden. Recovering from a spinal cord injury can be especially difficult, but there are ways that you can ensure effective recovery. 

Consult a Doctor as soon as possible 

The sooner you seek medical attention, the higher the likelihood of recovering from your spinal cord injury.

Going to a rehabilitation center during the initial stages of your injury plays a pivotal role in minimizing the potential damage. The medical professionals will be able to work on stabilizing your injuries, which will prevent further damage to the spinal cord.

Fast recovery may require you to go through surgery or take medication to reduce inflammation. Why is surgery needed? It is often required to maintain the equilibrium of the spine, which assists in preventing deformity or future pain and discomfort. It especially reduces the chances of you possibly struggling with any future complications.  

Rehabilitation is Necessary

If the person is suffering from a spinal cord injury, then they need to undergo rehabilitation. The long-term recovery procedure can include therapies like 

These exercises help patients regain mobility, strength, and independence. In short, these are good reasons to cooperate and get back on track. 

Keep in mind that rehabilitation is not the same for everyone. The Atlanta personal injury attorneys at Piasta Walker have handled various injury cases in which the process differs from one patient to another. Typically, it focuses on the specific needs of each individual. 

The goal of a rehabilitation center is to teach patients how to adapt and get used to their new physical limitations. It also helps them live a more independent life.

Continue Physical Therapy Exercises at Home

After completing rehabilitation, continue doing the same exercises at home as well. When you cooperate with your therapist, you can do the same individually, too. Stay consistent in keeping up with those practices. You want to make sure that you recover soon, and definitely, you have yet to come this far to give up that easily. 

Get Professional Mental Health Support

Suffering a spinal cord injury from a catastrophic accident can often leave victims with mental and emotional trauma. Coping with the long recovery process as well as the changes in lifestyle after a spinal cord injury can be difficult to manage. Getting mental health support from a licensed therapist after an injury can help offer resources for coping strategies through the challenges of recovering after a traumatic and life-altering injury. 

Seek a Strong Support System

In life, you also need a strong support system that encourages you to achieve your goals. Similarly, in medical situations like spinal cord injury, a firm support system involves your family, relatives, and the concerned health workers, who motivate you to get back on your feet. 

Patients can also be inspired by joining spinal cord injury support groups where there are other patients with similar cases. The group binds the patients as a community, which helps with a steady recovery. 

Transform your Lifestyle

After getting medical treatments and rehabilitation, a healthy lifestyle also does wonders in gaining fast recovery from spinal cord injury. Increase the consumption of healthy foods to return the body the nutrition it needs to heal.

If you suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident or other traumatic accident, then seek help from a skilled personal injury attorney to take legal action against the negligent party responsible. 

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