Published on June 27, 2023

Weight Loss Clinic (Weight Loss Programs)

by Psych Times Staff

A common debate among many people is whether medically managed weight loss is the same as weight loss surgery. Alternatively, are you better off going to a slimming club or counting calories?

When we look at medically managed weight loss versus surgical weight loss, there are some specific differences, which we will discuss below. We will also discuss if a weight loss group or slimming club would be more beneficial than proceeding through a medical route.

Medical v Surgical 

Many people will hear about medically managed weight loss and assume weight loss surgery. However, the two are very different. With a medically managed weight loss program, as you can find at, you are guided and sometimes given medication to help you lose weight. 

Alternatively, with surgical weight loss, you will undergo an operation to have either a gastric sleeve or bypass on your stomach, permanently altering your stomach. This can be a good option for some people; however, it is not for everyone due to how many risks both the surgery and procedure carry and how invasive this is. 

If you are more interested in a medically managed weight loss program, whether this is with a dietitian giving you a plan or through taking medication to aid your weight loss, the first step would be speaking with your medical practitioner. 

Once you have spoken with your medical practitioner, they can either guide you, or you can get in touch with the medical professionals at You will be given a safe, effective, and affordable weight loss option without needing to have any invasive and risky weight loss surgery. 

Slimming Group

If you want to get quick results and want to ‘do it yourself,’ some people like to use weight loss groups or slimming groups to aid their weight loss. Many people will talk about calorie counting and macros when it comes to losing weight without medical management. 

Counting calories is in itself an effective way to lose weight; however, it is not always sustainable long term. Many people who reach their weight loss target may struggle to keep the weight off long-term. 

This is not the case for everyone; however, with a medically managed plan and a dietician helping you, your weight loss plan can be tailored to you and can be adapted as your weight changes. 

This change is not the case with a weight loss group; the plan you have when you join is the plan you are expected to follow for the entirety of your weight loss journey, regardless of weight changes. 

In some slimming groups, you will be expected to know to reduce your calories without being told or given guidance on how to do this,


There are many different ways to lose weight, but for some people, the most reliable and sustainable way is to lose weight through a medically managed route. Having someone who is trained in the medical profession and is able to guide you, either with medication and diet or diet alone, will help you build the way to a healthy future with sustainable weight loss.

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