Published on December 21, 2022

What is the Luxurious Birkin Body Procedure All About?

The Birkin body procedure, named after the Birkin bag, has been attracting attention across the country. Like its namesake, this procedure is expensive, luxurious, and exclusive, with demand far outstripping available booking slots. It’s only available at one clinic at Bergdorf Goodman, New York, and it promises a lot of benefits to those looking to improve their appearance. 

Like any plastic surgery procedure, the Birkin body procedure aims to improve and revitalize your appearance. In particular, this operation focuses on issues usually related to post-partum such as sagging and loose skin as well as hard-to-lose fat. Developed by Dr. Neinstein, a leading plastic surgeon in liposuction and breast surgery, this procedure offers a complete package. While it’s pricey, like the bag it’s named after; it’s just as exclusive and also includes full aftercare. 

Who is the Birkin Body Procedure For?

The Birkin body procedure is aimed at moms and those who are looking to revitalize their appearance and regain their figure. During pregnancy, the body undergoes a lot of changes, leading to increased fat storage, sagging skin, and muscle damage. Coupled with the strains of a busy life and being a mother, most people don’t have the time and energy to commit to strenuous daily exercise. Even if they did, it’s often not enough to regain the figure they once had.

Thankfully, cosmetic procedures have now advanced to a stage where it’s possible to make significant improvements to the body. While this particular procedure most certainly isn’t cheap, it provides a much easier route to helping mothers regain confidence in their bodies. Aside from helping moms, the Birkin body procedure is for anyone who wants to improve how they look and combat common signs of aging.

What is the Birkin Body Procedure Process?

Like any plastic surgery procedure from a reputable surgeon, the Birkin body operation beings with a consultation. Patients are given full insight into what happens during the procedure and how their appearance can be altered and improved. While the exact nature of the operation is unclear, it seemingly focuses on revitalizing the body using liposuction and repairing loose skin.

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure whereby unwanted fat is removed from specific areas of the body using suction. It can be used to target certain areas that are difficult to remove with exercise, helping people regain confidence in their bodies and feel better about how they look. It’s become the most common type of cosmetic surgery, and it can also be combined with other procedures to provide a full body transformation.

The deterioration of elastin and collagen can cause saggy or loose skin as you age. Losing weight can also cause loose skin, with many women experiencing this after giving birth. This can be treated by cosmetic surgery, with excess skin removed and a small device implanted under the skin to temporarily expand and stretch it tight. 

For the Birkin body operation, patients come from all over the world and have concierge treatment adding to the exclusive feel of the procedure and making sure clients feel completely at ease. The surgeon is carried out by Doctor Neinstein, regarded as one of the best in the country for liposuction and body sculpting. After completing the procedure, patients are then checked into the luxurious hotels outside the office of Dr. Neinstein, not far from Neinstein Plastic surgery, where they’ll receive 24-hour care from nurses and daily visits from the doctor himself. 

What Kind of Benefits Can You Expect from a Birkin Body Procedure?

Birkin bags are in high demand, fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars, and they’re seen as a status symbol by the rich and famous. Named after singer, actress, and fashion icon Jane Birkin, the bag is a classic way to flaunt your wealth while looking stylish. For those interested in cosmetic surgery, the Birkin body procedure can offer similar results.

The end result of the Birkin body procedure is a younger, healthier-looking body. Loose skin, sagging breasts, and unwanted fat are all common signs of giving birth and getting older for millions of women around the world. However, advances in cosmetic procedures mean that many people are now choosing to get work done.

Although the Birkin body procedure can cost a total of $75,000, it’s well worth it for many of the patients who choose to be seen by Doctor Neinstein. The surgeon and his practice are well renowned within Manhatten and across the country, and the Birkin body has fast become one of his most in-demand procedures. Just like in handbags, Dr. Neinstein has options. He has hand-curated and trained Dr. Chris Funderburk and Dr. Anna Steve in his methods. In fact, the procedures keep getting better with all of this intellectual inertia, and of course, the associates have a lesser sting to your wallet.

Dr. Neinstein truly believes in the old saying, “nobody cares what you know until they know you care” that is why the team has been curated of compassionate professionals who understand how much stress and anxiety surgery can be, with a Disney-like approach to patient appreciation you feel cared for at all times.

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