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Published on April 22, 2024

4 Signs You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Getting arrested is not pleasant for anyone. However, there are times when this does happen and there is nothing you can do but learn how to navigate it and try to get yourself free as soon as possible. 

One way of getting free is to defend yourself in court but this is almost always a bad idea. It’s better to get professional help to make sure that you don’t say or do something that will harm you in the long run. 

If you’re still on the fence take a look at these four things that determine whether or not you need a criminal defense lawyer.

You’ve Been Arrested and Charged

Being arrested is bad enough but when you have been formally charged with a crime, you need help. It doesn’t matter if it’s a misdemeanor or a felony, things are getting serious and if you’re not careful to extract yourself from this kind of hot water it can all go downhill very quickly. 

Make sure you get the legal representation that you need sooner rather than later in a situation like this.

The Penalties are Severe

If you find yourself on the tail end of some serious penalties and are facing hefty fines, it’s time for you to hire the services of a criminal defense lawyer. Anything that will mar your criminal record, needs to be addressed by someone who is trained to handle the situation. 

A criminal defense attorney will look at the severity of the charges that have been levied against you and then develop a very strategic defense for you that will poke holes in the prosecution’s case. Having a competent lawyer on your side to give criminal defense advice can make a significant difference in how your case ends up.

You Don’t Know Your Rights

If you’re in a situation where you honestly don’t know your rights, then don’t try to dig into the law books all on your own and find out what they are. If you get it wrong the consequences could be very severe. 

If you’re unsure about your legal rights in whatever situation you find yourself in or if you are not sure how you should go about exercising your rights, consulting a criminal lawyer is the best way to make sure that your defense is rock solid. 

A criminal defense attorney will explain your rights to you and they will also advise you which steps you should or should not take.

There are Multiple Charges

If multiple charges have been levied against you it’s time to take things a bit more seriously. Multiple charges mean longer prison times if you do not beat the rap. This is not something you should leave to chance. It’s best for you to hire professional help and make sure that you stay out of prison and escape the long arm of the law.

 If you’re ready to make sure that you stay out of prison or get a reduced prison term, then hiring a criminal defense lawyer is the best way to do so.

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