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Published on December 21, 2023

6 Statistics that Show How Serious Car Accidents are in Redding

Redding, the largest city north of Sacramento, California, is a nexus of heavy traffic due to its location along one of the United States’ major highways. This constant flow of vehicles on the road brings with it a heightened risk of car accidents, some of which have life-altering consequences. 

These accidents emphasize the importance of safety on the road and the invaluable support a notable Redding car accident lawyer can provide in the aftermath.

1. Total Number of Traumatic Auto Accidents

Over the past 12 years, Redding has experienced 5,273 traumatic auto accidents. These incidents have profoundly impacted the community, affecting thousands of residents. The frequency and severity of these accidents call for urgent attention to road safety measures, emphasizing the need for continuous improvement in traffic management and vehicle safety standards in Redding.

2. Injuries and Fatalities from Accidents

Redding’s vehicle accidents have led to 7,287 injuries and 102 fatalities. These figures range from minor to severe trauma. Such high numbers not only highlight the physical toll on individuals and families but also underscore the critical need for enhanced safety protocols and awareness campaigns to prevent such tragic outcomes and improve overall road safety in the Trails Capital of California.

3. Over 5,000 Accidents

Between the years 2007 and 2019, Redding experienced a staggering 5,273 traumatic auto accidents, as per UC Berkeley researchers. These exceedingly high numbers of auto accidents show how careless the residents of Redding are.

Awareness of accidents is the need of the hour. With proper knowledge of how accidents happen, residents of Redding can prevent them from happening, leading to safer roads.

4. Severity of the Accidents

In Redding, 64% of car accidents resulted in non-visible injuries, 29% in moderately visible injuries, 5% in severe injuries, and about 2% in fatalities. These statistics are somewhat less severe than Shasta County’s overall figures. Understanding the severity helps in prioritizing medical response and highlights the need for preventive strategies tailored to the city’s specific road safety challenges.

5. Common Types of Collisions

The most frequent collision types in Redding were rear-ended (1,697), broadside (1,570), hitting an object (577), head-on (347), sideswipe (342), involving a pedestrian (310), and rollovers (222). Identifying these prevalent types aids in formulating focused prevention strategies, enhancing driver awareness, and improving road designs to mitigate these common accident scenarios in the city.

6. Deadly Locations

There are accident hotspots in all cities, and Redding is no different. The following spots in Redding recorded a higher number of fatal accidents.

  • Cyprus Avenue, east of I-5
  • Highway 273
  • Placer Street
  • Victor Avenue
  • The Junction at I-5 and Highway 44
  • Hartnell Avenue, west of Victor Avenue

The statistics from Redding paint a sobering picture of the risks associated with vehicle travel in the area. While it may not be likely to be involved in a collision on any given drive, the frequency of these accidents necessitates proactive measures for safety. For those affected, seeking advice from a car accident lawyer can be a crucial step in the journey towards recovery and justice.

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