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Published on October 11, 2023

Acquiring a Pre-Established Legal Entity in Serbia

by Psych Times Staff

For those with a fervent desire to kickstart their business operations promptly, we have a remarkable proposition – the opportunity to acquire a ready-made company complete with a bank account, often referred to as a “shelf company.” Our inventory includes limited liability companies (LLCs), the preferred legal entity structure in Serbia.

The process is incredibly streamlined. All you need to do is sign a purchase and sale agreement with us and effect a change in the director’s name to yours. Alternatively, you can choose to retain a local director to manage your company, and notify the bank of this transition.

Now, let’s explore the manifold benefits of a shelf company (a perfectly legitimate option):

  1. Speed. The expeditious nature of this approach is a major drawcard. In mere hours, you can assume ownership of the company, while the bank account can be operational within a few days. Although it carries a somewhat higher price tag compared to starting a company from scratch, if your priority is swift establishment, there’s hardly a more optimal solution.
  2. Compliance. Adherence to primary compliance requirements ensures the seamless functionality of your bank account. So long as you meet these prerequisites, your financial transactions will proceed without a hitch.
  3. Cost-Efficiency. Maintenance expenses for a company in Serbia can commence at a modest 200 euros, an economically advantageous proposition when juxtaposed with many other European counterparts.
  4. Residence Permit Eligibility. Owning a shelf company grants you the prerogative to apply for a residence permit, opening the door to various opportunities and benefits.

If you’re wavering on whether embarking on a business venture in Serbia aligns with your aspirations, consider the option of renting a Serbian company. This provides you with the leeway to dip your toes into the realm of business development. For further elaboration on this alternative or to glean more insight, don’t hesitate to reach out to our proficient experts.

Navigating the Terrain of Establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Let’s delve into the process of incorporating an LLC, the predominant company type in Serbia, characterized by the inherent advantage of limited liability. This facet implies that the liability of LLC members is confined to their contributions to the company’s capital, safeguarding their personal assets from any potential business liabilities. The entire incorporation procedure is relatively uncomplicated and can be accomplished within a span of two weeks, coupled with reasonable fees.

Crucial Details to Note:

  1. Minimum Share Capital. The minimum share capital requisites are notably lenient, commencing at a mere RSD 100 (equivalent to 1 euro). However, we strongly recommend commencing with a higher sum. This not only underscores the seriousness of the business owner’s intent to engage in legitimate business activities but also facilitates the acquisition of loans.
  2. Selecting a Distinct Name. It’s imperative to ensure that the company name you opt for is distinct and unambiguously unique.
  3. Principal Business Activity. When registering the company, the owner must designate one principal business activity in which the company will engage. This doesn’t preclude the company from conducting additional activities. However, be aware that certain cases may necessitate a license.
  4. Compliance for Foreign Legal Entities. If the founder of the company is a foreign legal entity, it is essential to meticulously validate the documents in accordance with Serbian rules and regulations. In certain instances, notarization, apostillation, or other legal procedures may be imperative.
  5. Mandatory Bodies. The essential components of an LLC include the assembly, comprising all company members or founders, and a minimum of one director. The directorship can be entrusted to an individual or a legal entity, whether foreign or local.

In Closing

Serbia, a nation on an upward trajectory, beckons as a promising destination for entrepreneurial endeavors. This is your opportunity to seize the moment. Do not delay, take that first step today! Should you require any additional information or insights to inform your decision-making process, do not hesitate to consult our seasoned experts. Serbia is a land of potential and possibilities – join us on this exciting journey!

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