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Published on February 7, 2024

How far in Advance Should I Renew my NICOP Before it Expires?


To avoid any disruption and inconvenience in your daily life, you should renew your NICOP on time. Nadracardcenter.co.uk suggests that you renew your process in advance, preferably at least six months before the expiration date of your NICOP. An expired NICOP may lead you to different difficulties that can stop you from traveling, making transactions, purchasing lands, and many more. Suppose you renew your NICOP in advance. It ensures that you have ample time to address the issues that arise during the renewal process and receive your renewed NICOP before the current one expires. The renewal process is often assisted by online platforms such as Nadracardcenter.co.uk. Applicants can renew online by visiting the relevant website. The online renewal process frequently entails submitting the relevant documents and paying the fee, and everything you have done, but what documents are required, and how do acquire a smooth process, let’s know-how?

NICOP Expiration Extendation:

In the case of NICOP, there is no official extended period for using an expired NICOP, so it is recommended to get your NICOP before its expiry date. Nadracardcenter.co.uk can help you in the process of Nadra Card Renewal Application, by just requiring your authentic information. To get a seamless and fast process, just go to Nadracardcenter.co.uk and initiate your process immediately. 

Documents Required for NICOP Renewal:

The following documents will be required as supporting documents;

  • CNIC/Manual NIC (Self)
  • Pakistan Passport or US Passport (Self)
  • Parents CNICs or NICOPs (To apply for children NICOP)
  • Birth Certificate

Where to Start?

You can get NICOP online by sitting in your home and visiting Nadra Card Center UK. You just need to follow the instructions, which include specific steps such as application filling, uploading the required documents described above, and paying the renewal price using online payment methods. You can contact NICOP staff members to obtain information about the required paperwork.


In conclusion, renewing your NICOP on time is essential for avoiding disruptions and inconveniences in all parts of your everyday life. Nadracardcenter.co.uk recommends starting the renewal process at least six months before the NICOP’s expiration date. An expired NICOP might cause problems with travel, banking transactions, and other critical activities. Using online platforms like Nadracardcenter.co.uk simplifies the renewal procedure by requiring the submission of necessary papers. It is noted that there is no formal grace period for using an expired NICOP, highlighting the significance of early renewal to ensure a smooth experience and avoid potential issues in a variety of situations.

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