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Published on July 23, 2023

Ways to Avoid Fraud When Applying for a Job in the UAE

The UAE offers attractive job opportunities for everyone. A great number of expatriates are attracted to UAE due to the lifetime opportunity. The UAE allows individuals to thrive, grow and prosper. Nonetheless, United Arab Emirates, is home to thriving opportunities, a peaceful environment, safety, and tax-free benefits. 90% of the total population of the UAE consists of expatriates. People from across the globe choose UAE as a place to work, grow and build a successful career path, such as the Interpol law firm in Dubai.

However, it is crucial to exercise caution when finding a job in the UAE. Besides, the expats need to follow legal procedures. It is vital to avoid labor and visa fraud that frequently takes place. This article provides a simplified guide on how to protect yourself when applying for a job in the UAE. It also helps you to avoid fraudulent ways and hurdles along the way. Please keep in mind that Lawyers here in UAE as well as Legal Consultants can help you checking the job agreements and documents. 

Offer Letter or Entry Agreements:

When a UAE-based employer offers you a job, they should provide an official offer letter.  The letter is provided by following the guidelines listed by MOHRE. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) clearly states the specifications for work and job permits. The job offer letter is an essential document in this regard. However the letter cannot be served as well to employee, if directly switched to agreement level.    

The job offer letter serves as a binding agreement. It is a contract between both parties. Furthermore, its validity can be verified on the MOHRE Website. Once the job offer is accepted, the employer is held responsible for issuing the visa. The entire entry visa fee is paid by the employer. This will allow the employee to enter the UAE to work. Following this they can easily commence employment as per the law. 

The Labour and Employment visa will be finalized upon your arrival. Additionally, after completing the necessary medical checks and procedures. An employment visa is granted after adhering to the specifications. It is significant to note that it is strictly prohibited to work under a visit or tourist visa in Emirates. If anyone is engaged in such activities it can result in penalties, punishment, or deportation. 

Visa Costing: 

Additionally, Employers are legally obligated to cover the costs of the visa.  Moreover, it is illegal for them to recover these expenses from employees under any circumstances. To formalize the employment agreement in UAE, you will need to sign up the employment contract. It is an essential document that is based on the terms and conditions. It outlines the job offer letter. 

However, the employers are not allowed to make any alterations or changes to the employment agreement. It is to be agreed-upon terms without your consent. Before signing the employment contract, it is important to carefully review its clauses, terms, and conditions. This may include vital information in it. 

It may include probation periods, notice periods, and the nature of employment (limited-term or unlimited-term). The contract will be executed in three copies. One of the copies is retained with the employee. Before accepting any job offer, it is essential to conduct due diligence. Due diligence is conducted to ensure the legitimacy of the employer. Internal Contracts can also be drafted and signed among employers and employees. 

You can easily visit official website for more detailed and comprehensive information. On the official website, you can verify their trade license details. It can easily be done by using the ‘Unified Commercial Registration System’. Nonetheless, UCRS is maintained by the Ministry of the Economy in the country.

Furthermore, other digital and social media platforms can be used to explore more about the company and its information. Means such as Google reviews, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor are equally vital. They can be utilized to gather useful information about the company. Furthermore, speaking with current employees can also help you get accurate information. It can be used to verify the employer’s credentials. By doing so we can get useful and important information concerning the company. 

One must beware of social media advertisements and hiring agencies all around. Some agencies and advertising companies charge fees. Fee is charged for visas or employment offers in the country. This practice of charging a fee for proving work is completely illegal in the UAE. Refrain from falling prey to such fraudulent means. Therefore, it is recommended to do your homework before taking any step.

When pursuing job opportunities in the UAE, it is crucial to be vigilant, active, and attentive. In this manner, you can easily follow the proper legal procedures. This will ensure you receive an official job offer letter, obtain the necessary employment visa, and sign a valid employment contract. it will allow the process to proceed systematically.

Conduct thorough research on the employer to verify their credentials. Besides, be cautious of fraudulent practices that take place around you. Nevertheless, by adhering to these guidelines, you can secure yourself from fraudsters. It is essential to protect yourself from labor and visa fraud and enjoy successful and lawful employment.  Experience professional and prosperous employment in the UAE by taking the necessary steps.

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