Published on July 25, 2023

5 Essential Skills Every Interior Designer Needs

Interior designing requires a lot of skills. This profession is becoming more popular, giving you a great chance for a career in the artistic field. If you are an interior designer or want to get into the field, read this article. You will find here 5 essential skills that you must have!


Interior design is an artistic and creative profession. This is why people who work in the field have to have a good imagination and be able to conceptualize unique and aesthetic ideas, turning them into beautiful spaces. You should think outside of the box, be innovative, and be courageous to push boundaries and create bold ideas. 

Improve Your Skills With Professionals 

There are many ways to gain new skills and master the ones you have. However, one of the best and most effective methods to boost your interior designer game is by learning from professionals, for example, with a course or by taking a masterclass. If you are interested in learning from pros in the field, check out this Kelly Wearstler masterclass review

Spatial Awareness 

Since your role is to turn a space into something comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, spatial awareness has to be one of your fundamental skills. You need to be able to visualize the possibilities of a space and imagine how its particular elements are going to correspond with one another and the whole room. Spatial awareness makes you notice the relationship between all the components in a space, ergonomic aspects, and utility. 

Attention to Detail 

As an interior designer, you need to see a space as a whole, but you also need to notice all the details that add up to a great composition. From selecting the right color schemes and materials to coordinating furniture and accessories, you need to focus on the smallest nuances that can then influence the whole outcome. Sometimes one shade is darker or lighter, and the whole balance between elements in the room can be ruined. 

Great Communication Skills

Interior designers have to communicate with their clients and be able to understand their needs and preferences. Everyone has different senses of an aesthetic, and your role is to incorporate them into the space. You have to be skilled at active listening to hear even the smallest ideas or doubts from your clients. While presenting the project, you also need to articulate your ideas perfectly. Otherwise, your clients can be disappointed. Good communication skills come in handy while also interacting with contractors. 

Time Management and Organization

It’s more than likely that, at some stage, you will need to juggle a few projects at the same time. However, even at the beginning of one project, you need to know how to manage your time. By being organized, you can meet your client’s expectations and do it on time. Imagine that you hire a painter to paint a wall after you get furniture delivered – that could end very badly. With these two skills, you can create realistic project timelines and prioritize the most important and urgent tasks, so they don’t negatively impact one another. 

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