Published on November 20, 2023

7 Genius Hacks for Keeping Your Stash Scent-Free 

Smoking weed emits a lot of smoke, which has a pungent smell. 

Would you really want the smell of weed to overpower your parents’ senses as soon as they enter your room? Definitely not. With that being said, it is important to take some precautions to keep your surroundings odor-free. 

In this article, we will discuss the 7 most genius hacks that’ll keep your stash free from the stench of the weed. 

1. Burn an Incense Stick

If you’re a stoner or indulge in smoking weed, then incense sticks are very important for you. An incense stick is perhaps the oldest type of air freshener that has been common in many homes. If you are wondering how to hide weed smell using an incense stick, just light one or two sticks and place them in the corner of the room where you are smoking.

Incense sticks also exist in different scented forms, such as Sandal, Chandan, and Mogra so you can choose what fragrance you like according to your preferences.  

2. Air Purifier

Investing in an air purifier might sound like a costly option, but it is always worth it. Air purifiers are one of the best options for eliminating weed smell if you smoke indoors often.  

They eliminate the smell of weed by taking the smoke of weed and releasing pure air. Thus, removing the odor of weed from the room and filling it up with pure air.

3. Sit Beside a Window

Buying things or products to get rid of the smell of weed sounds like a hassle, right? So, why don’t you just sit beside a window?  

Sitting next to a window and exhaling the smoke outdoors is the simplest and basic way to eliminate the odor. However, you should watch for the direction of the wind because the gust of air can bring the smoke back into your room.  

To counter this situation, open the window slightly and exhale out through the small space; this way, the smoke will eventually move outwards because of the concentration gradient.

4. Mixtures of Fruits and Herbs

Want an organic solution for the smell of weed? Lemons and parsley will just do the job. 

Lemon, parsley, peppermint, and celery have a strong and fruity smell, which helps get rid of stench from weed or smoke. They not only eliminate the smell of smoke but also give a fresh scent to the room just after your smoking session.  

Cut these fruits into edges or slices and keep them in your room while you’re smoking. Furthermore, using fruits and herbs is also a cheaper and faster way of getting rid of the smell without any suspicion.

5. Odour-absorbing Gels

Specialized odor-absorbing gels have been formulated specifically for the eradication of unpleasant stench. 

The good thing here is that odor-absorbing gels cost a few bucks, therefore, you do not need to think about the costs. In addition, such gels serve solely for the aim of eliminating the smell, which may be your dog’s poop, room odor or any other unpleasant smell. 

Similarly, you can use these gels to get rid of the smell coming from your room as these gels are neck-filled with essential oils or strong fragrances to counter any odor.

6. Prevent Smoking Near Carpets

If you have a carpet or rug in your room, store them somewhere else while you’re smoking your stash. Carpets and rugs are made up of fibers that trap the scent of smoke. 

So, the next time you wonder how you got caught, you know who the snitch was. Furthermore, it is advised to smoke away from any fibrous material and smoke on wood or marble floors so that even if the ash scatters away, it is easy to clean up.

7. Hot Water Shower

No! We’re not saying to smoke weed while taking a hot water shower. 

The technique is to turn on your hot water shower and keep the door of your bathroom open. The motive behind this is to let steam take over your room and eliminate the smell of smoke.  

However, if a ventilation mechanism is provided, it’s better to use that, too, because that way, the steam will carry the smoke outdoors.  

Additionally, resort to this method only if you’re in deep crisis because it can get really hot, plus water wastage is something that needs to be taken care of. 


Smoking weed is fun until it comes down to its smell. The smell of weed doesn’t suit everyone, so you should always take care of your surroundings. 

Additionally, the best hack to get rid of the smell of weed is just to smoke outdoors. As long as you smoke outdoors, you won’t ever need a hack to eliminate the stench. 

However, even if you smoke indoors, plan your smoking session so that you don’t get caught. 

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