Published on October 3, 2023

A Basic Guide on Junk Pick Up Services

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to dispose of a lot of junk. It could be that you want to move house, remodel your space, or you simply need to declutter and let go of some unnecessary things. The big question though is what do you do when you find yourself in this situation?

Do you do it yourself or do you leave it to the professionals? Our guess, since you are currently reading this article, is that you go for a professional service. It’s also possible that you’re here to find out whether you need the help of a junk pick-up service or not. Whatever the case, you are right where you need to be. 

Usually, it is best to leave heavy items hauling to people who offer this service. This is because it is easier and even cheaper than doing it yourself. But before you employ the help of these service providers, you must know all there is to know about them. 

That is where this article comes in; here, you will learn everything you need to know about junk pick-up or removal services. From the services they offer to how they dispose of refuse, to an estimate of their cost, and so on. But before we dive into all that, we will first discuss what junk pick-up service is all about and the various types out there.

What Junk Pick Up Service Means 

This term is used to refer to companies or people that haul away rubbish and other junk for people. The items being removed can be anything from clothes, trash, old appliances, and so on. Typically, you’d need this service when you have some items you need to dispose of, but you do not want to handle yourself. 

Before the items are hauled away, the company you hired will send an expert who will come and assess the items you want removed. Check here at to find out how these companies carry out the assessment. Then, they will give you a quote and schedule a date for the removal. Some companies may complete the entire process (assess the items, give a quote, and haul off the refuse) within a day. 

Types of Junk Removal Services

There are two options available to anyone looking to hire this service. You could either go for the dumpster rental option or you could opt for truck hauling. Let’s look at these options below so you can understand both and know which one would better suit your needs. 

Dumpster Rental 

This option, as you can guess from the name involves renting a dumpster. The most important thing you need to know about this alternative is that you will be the one doing most of the tasks. The good thing about this is you can do it at your own pace. 

How does it work? Well, it’s simple; you start by renting the dumpster. The company will then bring the dumpster to your environment where it will stay for say a week. 

During this time, you’ll move the items you want to dispose of from where they are into the dumpster. If you aren’t done moving the junk when the rent expires, you can check to see if the company can extend your rent. When you finish moving everything you want into the dumpster, you would then call the company to come and take it away. 

If you want to go with this alternative, then you must find out whether the company has any restrictions on usage. For example, some companies do not allow their dumpsters to be rented for driveway or landscape renovations. So, ensure you find out what is allowed and what isn’t before renting the dumpster.

Truck Hauling 

If you decide to go with option number two, then you can sit back and watch the professionals handle the job for you. Typically, when you pay for this service, the company will send haulers in a truck that has a dumpster to your location. The professionals will then haul the items you want to dispose of into the truck. Once they are done moving the items, they will drive off the truck, taking your junk with them for proper disposal. 

This method, which is a lot simpler, is what makes it the best choice for certain situations like post-renovation cleaning or other similar projects. All the junk you must have piled up during the project can just be removed at once. 

Services Junk Removal Accept 

The service being rendered often varies from one company to the other. Some companies may specialize in the removal of certain items. On the other hand, some others may not offer certain services. Despite all these, there are some common things that every junk pick-up service would accept to remove. 

These are typically items that do not pose any transportation risks. Some of them include clothes, hot tubs, boxes, yard waste, tools, furniture, mattresses, exercise equipment, appliances, electronics, and miscellaneous household items. But before you hire a company, ensure you tell them what you want disposed of so you can be sure their services cover your needs. 

Services Junk Removal Do Not Accept 

Again, these companies may have certain items they can and cannot haul. However, as a rule of thumb, they do not accept any item that is potentially dangerous to haul. Some items under this category include asbestos, hazardous household waste, gasoline, fireworks, ammunition, pharmaceuticals, household cleaners, fuel, oil, and pesticides. 

How the Items Are Disposed 

You may be wondering how these companies dispose of the junk they haul; this is especially true if you are conscious of your environmental impact. Well, reliable junk pick-up companies ensure they take care of these items in an eco-friendly manner. Their methods of doing this include recycling, donations, and dumping them in landfills. 

The method that the company uses often depends on the item in question. The professionals working in these companies are experts when it comes to disposal and recycling. So, they know what action to take for any type of item. 

Sadly, some shady companies do not go about this process the right way. Companies like these do not care about the environment and would just dump any refuse they haul in landfills. If you are worried about your environmental impact, take your time to make sure you do not hire a company like this. Make sure that any company you hire gives you a breakdown of their disposal process and only hire them if you are convinced by what you hear. 

Junk Pick Up Service Cost

The cost of this service often depends on the option you opt for. If you choose truck hauling, then you could spend anything between 100 to 600 dollars. With a small truck costing around a hundred dollars to a big fully loaded truck costing about 600 dollars. 

If you decide to opt for a dumpster rental, you could be charged anything between 100-350 dollars a week for a small dumpster. For a bigger dumpster, you would spend anything between 300-850 dollars a week. As you’ve seen the price difference between both options isn’t vast. 

Therefore, cost may not be the best yardstick to consider when deciding on which option to go for. Rather, consider your needs and preferences when making your choice. Do you have the time to move the items yourself, or would you rather leave the task to the experts? The answer to this should inform your decision. 


Using a junk pick-up service when you have items to dispose of is typically the right choice; especially in cases where you have heavy items to haul. These services are easy to come by and you won’t need to search too much to find one. However, some companies’ processes aren’t eco-friendly. This is why it’s important to always vet the company before you hire them; especially if you are conscious of your impact on the environment. 

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