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Published on March 14, 2024

A Simple Guide to TV Antennas for those on the Road in their Australian RV

There are many ways that Australians love to spend their free time so that they get the most out of it. Whether it’s kicking back by the pool at home or heading to ride the surf by the coast, there is a general love of the great outdoors. While the conventional type of break and holiday continue to be enjoyed, there are those that take to the roads in the RV to find places off the beaten track that others might never experience. 

There are so many advantages having the freedom of a set of wheels that doubles up as a home. Being able to drive along and stop when the urge or view stands out, without the expense or inconvenience of making a hotel booking. And vehicles are not without their comfort either, with many having all the facilities anyone would require. One of which may well be a Winegard TV antenna.

Winegard is a leading manufacturer of such equipment so it makes sense for many to make a purchase via a leading supplier that can deliver and understands exactly what an RV owner wants to make their experience even better. For instance, what could be nicer than a day out in the countryside and then finding the perfect spot to base camp for the evening? Maybe a barbecue meal and a couple of glasses of fine Australian red, and then settling down to watch TV with a crystal-clear reception. It’s a wonder anyone bothers with a hotel with such home comforts being available.

Antenna design and manufacturing have advanced massively in recent years. Gone are the days when a favourite movie looked like it was being filmed in a snowstorm. An amplifier can also add further to the quality of picture and sound, which is bound to have any neighbours nearby anxious to know where it was obtained. Some owners might even benefit from calling by and taking advantage of comprehensive dental care on their journey.

The number of different channels is outstanding and can be watched in HD. All the channels in the range as well as those that are sometimes paid for by subscription can be enjoyed. Choosing a good quality antenna will ensure that it is durable enough to cope with all the Australian climates can throw in its way, while leading selections will be able to pick up signals from up to 70km away, meaning a wider choice of locations can be enjoyed.

A leading model winds up and rotates manually from inside the vehicle and collects both vertical and horizontal signals to provide the best picture quality. Those who make the selection might also wish to add a power supply unit to their shopping list, along with the requirement of a piece of kit which replaces an elevating arm and antenna head. Enjoyment may be had visiting a national park.

A high-quality TV antenna added to an RV offers even more enjoyment to those wanting to explore the open roads while enjoying extended luxury and freedom.

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