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Published on June 8, 2023

Addmotor Soletan Beach Cruiser Best for Your Leisurely Rides

Experience the bliss of leisurely rides and embrace the allure of the Addmotor Soletan Beach Cruiser. Electric beach bike has long captivated riders with their laid-back and comfortable riding style, perfect for beachside adventures or scenic explorations. Let the Addmotor Soletan Beach Cruiser transport you to a world of relaxation and enjoyment as you pedal along with ease and immerse yourself in the beauty of your surroundings.

#1 Classic Charm and Modern Convenience 

The Addmotor Soletan Beach Cruiser combines classic charm and modern convenience. With its elegant design and stylish aesthetics, this bike captures the essence of classic cruisers, exuding an irresistible appeal. But it does not stop at its looks alone. 

The electric components integrated into the Addmotor Soletan Beach Cruiser elevate your riding experience to new heights. Experience the convenience and ease of use as the electric motor effortlessly propels you forward, making your rides a breeze. Embrace the perfect blend of classic charm and convenience with the Soletan Beach Cruiser, and enjoy the best of both worlds.

#2 Powerful Motor for Effortless Riding 

The Addmotor Soletan Beach Cruiser boasts a powerful Bafang 48V*750W rear brushless gear motor that takes your riding experience to new heights. This powerful motor propels the bike forward, allowing you to effortlessly conquer various terrains without exerting excessive effort. Whether you are cruising along the sandy shores or tackling hilly paths, the motor delivers impressive performance, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride. 

Also, the power delivery is seamless and refined, providing a consistent and exhilarating riding experience. With the Addmotor Soletan Beach Cruiser, you can bid farewell to strenuous pedaling and embrace the joy of effortless riding. It is time to explore with confidence and experience the thrill of the open road with a powerful motor that enhances your journey.

#3 Long-Lasting Battery for Extended Adventures

The Soletan Beach Cruiser has a high-capacity and reliable Samsung cell 20AH battery, providing you with the power to embark on extended adventures. This impressive battery ensures a long-lasting charge, allowing you to explore with peace of mind. With pedal assist level 1, the battery supports an impressive range of up to 105 miles per charge, enabling you to venture further and experience more during your rides. 

When it’s time to recharge, the estimated charging time of approximately 8–10 hours ensures you are back on the road swiftly. This convenience allows you to plan your rides with ease, knowing that your Soletan Beach Cruiser will be ready to accompany you on your next leisurely adventure. Say goodbye to range anxiety and embrace the freedom to explore with a long-lasting battery that keeps you going.

#4 Intelligent Display and Controller

The Soletan Electric Beach Bike features an intelligent Addmotor EB 2.0 multiple-function LCD that serves as a valuable companion for riders. This display provides essential information, including speed, distance traveled, battery level, and more, ensuring you stay informed throughout your ride. Additionally, the upgraded 25A controller plays a vital role in optimizing the bike’s performance and responsiveness. It ensures smooth power delivery and enhances the overall riding experience. 

What sets the Soletan Beach Cruiser apart is its customizable features and settings, allowing riders to tailor their experience to their preferences. With adjustable pedal assist levels and customizable settings, riders can fine-tune the electric assistance to suit their needs and riding conditions. This level of customization ensures a personalized and enjoyable riding experience for every rider. Whether you prefer a leisurely cruise or a more dynamic ride, the intelligent display and controller of the Addmotor Soletan Beach Cruiser have got you covered.

#5 Safety Features For Easy Riding

The Soletan Beach Cruiser prioritizes your safety and peace of mind with its exceptional safety features. The bike has a powerful headlight that provides a brightness of 40 lumens, offering excellent visibility even in low-light conditions. This ensures that you can ride safely, whether it is early morning, late evening, or in dimly lit areas. Additionally, the taillight of the Soletan Beach Cruiser is designed to enhance your visibility to other road users. 

Ride confidently, knowing that you are easily visible to others, thanks to the driving lights, left and right turn signals, danger lights, and brake lights equipped on the bike. Also, it is important to note that the taillight has received UL certification, further validating its quality and reliability. The combination of the bright headlight and comprehensive taillight ensures that you can enjoy your leisurely rides with added safety and peace of mind.

#6 Comfortable and Durable Design

The Addmotor’s full suspension cruiser bike is designed with both comfort and durability in mind. The frame’s durability guarantees years of reliable performance, allowing you to enjoy countless leisurely rides without worry. The design incorporates the Addshox spring suspension fork to enhance the riding experience. The suspension fork provides a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing shocks and vibrations on various terrains, be it a sandy beach or bumpy paths, for an enjoyable experience.

#7 Reliable Brakes and Gearing

This electric beach bike has reliable braking and gearing systems that ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. The Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes offer excellent stopping power and precise control, allowing you to confidently navigate various terrains and come to a stop when needed. The Shimano Altus derailleur and Shimano right thumb shifter provide smooth and accurate gear shifting, enabling seamless transitions between gears for optimal performance.

Over to You

The Addmotor Soletan Beach Cruiser offers a perfect blend of classic charm and modern convenience, making it an ideal choice for your leisurely rides. With its timeless design and stylish aesthetics, this cruiser captures the essence of classic bikes while incorporating advanced electric components. Now, the choice is yours. Seize the handlebars of the Addmotor Soletan Beach Cruiser and let your adventure unfold. The open road awaits, and it’s over to you to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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