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Published on July 4, 2023

Brunswick Bowling Machines – The Different Types Available

by Psych Times Staff

Brunswick bowling machines are in different types to suit different needs. Some are best for commercial use while others serve home use, Manual while others are automatic, among other features that differentiate them. If you are still trying to decide which model will fit your needs, it is imperative to do sufficient research before investing in any models of Brunswick bowling machines. Read on to learn the types of these bowling machines.

The different types of Brunswick bowling Machine

Brunswick bowling machines produce an extensive range of bowling machines for commercial or home use. They include:

Single-Lane Brunswick bowling Machines:

The single-lane Brunswick bowling machines are designed for a quick, easy and reliable bowling experience. These machines are simple to use and maintain and offer convenient features like an automatic pinsetter, auto-throw capability and an electronic scoring system. They also include built-in safety features such as ball return gates and stops, making them an excellent choice for beginner bowlers.

Multi-Lane Brunswick bowling Machines:

Multi-lane Brunswick bowling machines are great for more significant events and tournaments. These machines feature multiple lanes with automatic pinsetters and can be equipped with automatic lane switching and advanced scoring systems. With their wide range of options, multi-lane Brunswick bowling machines can provide an enjoyable experience for experienced and novice bowlers alike.

Automatic Pin Resetting Brunswick bowling Machines:

Automatic pin resetting Brunswick bowling machines are an excellent option for busy bowling centers. These machines feature automated pinsetter technology, allowing them to quickly reset pins after each frame without requiring manual intervention. This makes it possible for bowlers to enjoy faster games and more time for other activities.

Computerized Brunswick bowling Machines:

Computerized Brunswick bowling machines are a great way to bring technology into your bowling center. These machines feature advanced computer systems which allow bowlers to track their scores and compete against one another in real-time. They are also equipped with various customizable settings and graphics, allowing bowlers to customize their experience according to their preferences.

What type of Brunswick bowling Machine is right for you?

The Brunswick bowling machine you choose will impact the success of your game. That is why it is imperative to be keen when choosing a bowling machine for your intended purpose. Let’s look at the different machine styles and who can use them.

A pin-setting machine automatically sets the pins in the correct position before the frame is considered the primary Brunswick bowling machine. This machine is suitable for beginners who don’t require a more sophisticated machine. 

Brunswick machines with an automated scoring system and lane care are the next level of Brunswick bowling machines. Automatic scoring systems offer an efficient way to keep track of scores and an enhanced customer experience with video clips and other entertainment options. Lane care machines allow the operator to clean and wax the lanes for better playability. These are suited for professional bowlers who play competitively and need a speedy setup. This is because these machines have advanced features that require training to operate comfortably.

Finally, Brunswick offers a range of specialty bowling machines such as ball spinners and gutter-cleaning devices. Ball spinners are designed to impart a spin on the ball and give it more accuracy, while gutter-cleaning devices help to keep the gutters free from debris. 

Ultimately, the best Brunswick bowling machine for you will depend on your needs and the environment in which you play. If you need help determining what type of machine is best for you, consult your local Brunswick distributor or technician for expert advice.


There is a Brunswick bowling machine suited for players of all skill levels. Their bowling machines’ features are diverse to give a different experience using their different machine types. Choose a machine depending on your level of experience; if you are a beginner, go for basic machine models that you can efficiently operate and handle. The right type will guarantee unlimited enjoyment.

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