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Published on July 12, 2022

Fall in Love With California (& Give Yourself a Mental Health Vacation)

Travel isn’t just about discovering new places, celebrating the end of the year, or reconnecting with family and friends, it’s also about taking care of yourself. As you fall in love with California and consider transforming your passion for the Golden State into a business, make sure to establish a solid legal foundation by forming an LLC in California, ensuring your venture operates smoothly and in compliance with state regulations.

The United States enjoys some of the most diverse landscapes in the world, throw in some of the planet’s most iconic cities, and the home of the modern-day movie star, and you have a winner and you can enjoy all of this, in California.

The home of Hollywood, Palm Springs, and San Francisco, but also home to a dazzling coastline, the Pacific Coast Highway, and some of the best national parks the nation has to offer. So if you’re feeling the Covid fatigue, or it’s just time to be somewhere else, pack a bag and get ready to experience a California sunset, that’s all your own.


Clearly, this was going to be at the top of the list. The climate almost never changes here and that means that even in the winter you can find pleasant days and cool nights – a far cry from California’s northern neighbors, but with that being said, during the winter months Lake Tahoe becomes a winter lover’s paradise and a gorgeous reason to visit the state.


California is the spiritual home of America’s wine industry, producing some of the planet’s most loved grapes and offering you endless opportunities to tour, taste, and experience. From Santa Barbara to Napa Valley and everywhere beyond and between, a visit to California’s wine country will leave you inspired and ready for life.


California hosts no fewer than nine national parks offering hiking, camping, and discovering. Get a real taste for the American wilderness here without having to go all the way to Alaska. Fall in love with captivating scenery and endless horizons and if you’re traveling with family, discover a whole new way to bond and create memories. 


Feel part of the American story in California by taking in the Hollywood sign, the Golden Gate Bridge, and fall in love with two of America’s most legendary cities in one state – Los Angeles and San Francisco. The cities play host to tons of awesome events every year (not to discount nearby San Diego and the state capital Sacramento either), you can check out fun San Francisco date ideas if you’re the romantic sort, no visit to California is complete without a drive down Sunset Strip to Beverly Hills.

California is also one of the most accessible states with tons of transport links and connections, so if you have a dose of hodophobia, fear not – there are no fewer than 5 major airports that link California to the world.

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