Published on December 20, 2023

Find Your Festival (and Maybe Some Love)

What is the most remembered music festival of all time? If you did not answer Woodstock, you have forgotten a piece of musical history that ushered in over 50 years of music festival popularity. It began a legacy of thousands coming together to share their love of music and for one another.

In fact, this past August was the 54th anniversary of Woodstock, and its long-since-gone but never-forgotten artists – Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Joe Cocker, Arlo Guthrie, Richie Havens, Janis Joplin, and more. 

Another fact about Woodstock you may not know. The estimated crowd size was 400,000 – 500,000, all camped out on a huge dairy farm in upper state New York. Through the rain, the mud, and the sun, this crowd spent four days together without one incident of violence. Peace and love reigned. 

Music festivals have become a part of “Americana,” and even the world, ever since Woodstock. 

And here’s the thing about music festivals – people still find love at them, whether they bring their own dates or hook up with someone else on the fly.

So Many Options for Music (and Love)

The rest of 2023 and all of 2024 promise to be a smash time for music festivals. In the U.S. alone, there are some 319 festivals from the end of this September through the end of October 2024.

That’s a lot of music, and it covers every genre and artist you might want to hear. So, what’s your pleasure? R+B, Jazz, hip hop, folk, country, pop, EDM, reggae, techno, trap, or something else? You’ll find festivals all over the country or the world (e.g., Keepin’ it Grimey in the UK or the Classical Festival in Venice) to satisfy your need for live music.

Here’s How You Combine Festivals and Love

Do you have a current squeeze? If so, you have probably talked about music you both like. Maybe you have even exchanged playlists. If you are kinda “into” this person, here’s a perfect way to surprise them and show them love. Check out some festivals close by and get tickets now – the earlier the better. Wrap them up like a gift and present them – in plenty of time for your love to get off work for those dates. Nothing like a music festival to bring you closer together and decide if this might be “the one” for you. And if travel is involved, make sure that you have included all of that in the gift.

Don’t have a current squeeze? This would be the perfect time to go solo or with a group of friends, along with the intention of hooking up with someone new. Love has certainly been found in stranger places. Like any other place where you might be trolling for a “mate,” you need to “work the room,” check out the “merchandise,” and make your intros. Stand next to your “possible,” start a conversation, dance with them, offer to buy food and drink – make yourself a likable person! If it’s a multi-day event, where are you staying? Where are they staying? Make a breakfast date (or probably lunch). Who knows? By the end of the festival, you may be dating. At least you both know that you have the same interests in music.

Woodstock was the Beginning…

There will never be another Woodstock. But the legacy lives on in all of the festivals since 1969 – people coming together all in the love of their music and for the camaraderie with those who share that love. And who knows? A different kind of love just might blossom too. So check your luck — click here, set your Spotify anthem, and let music connect you with your perfect partner!

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