Published on June 21, 2023

Flipbook Creation: 6 Mistakes You Need To Avoid 

Sales flipbook creation is the smartest approach to streamline your sales enablement process and make it a bit more attractive. This simple yet effective tool helps sales reps to attract more customers, enhance engagement, and close more leads successfully. It ultimately results in increased revenue and smooth growth of the company.

However, most people are still unaware of how to make a flipbook, what it must have, and what to avoid which results in ruining the whole effort and wasting both time and money. Therefore, we are going to unveil some simple yet destructive mistakes you should avoid when creating a sales Flipbook for your company.

Mistakes to Avoid During Flip Book Creation

Doing it Manually 

Flipbook creation is not rocket science but it needs a smart approach, creative skills, and unique content. From planning to the content collection, PDF creation to conversion into FlipBook, and revision or review to final touch it involved a series of tasks. Trying to handle all these tasks manually is the major mistake that most people make.

Manual creation of a flipbook carries a lot of risks including mistakes, skipping something important, heavy time consumption, and overuse of resources. The best way to tackle this problem is the use of reliable software to handle most tasks. You can rely on Content Camel or any other reliable vendor to get a perfect flipbook creation tool. 

Avoiding Publication Rules 

The FlipBook creation is a creative approach to bridging the gap between digital content and the previous generation of print publications. Most people forget this aspect which results in avoiding the print publications rule.

In flipbook creation, you are working on the agenda of a print magazine or newspaper. Therefore, you must be aware of the right format and concept of visual formats. It is not necessary to follow and apply these rules as it is but you can use them as a guide to create a unique and new theme. 

Overlooking The Importance of Multimedia 

The main purpose of creating a flipbook is to drive customers’ attention to close more leads successfully. Overlooking the importance of multimedia means you are forgetting the main aim or goal of this tool. The reason is that customers always pay more attention to multimedia content than boring texts.

Make sure to use all types of visual content including themes, videos, images, and even GIFs. You can also add video links for detailed information. Don’t forget to consider your Flipbook theme, color, and designs when selecting the multimedia.

Overloading Your Flipbook 

The file size and length of the flipbook are also important things to consider when making a flipbook. Most people think that adding more content than others can help them to get an edge over their competitors. It’s more than a mistake that can badly damage the quality and effectiveness of your flipbook.

Overloading flipbooks with content and large-size files takes a lot of time to load and display data. It causes frustration to users and they move to the next page or website. 

Make sure to use relevant and attractive content only. It will keep your file size limited and promote the smooth flipping of pages. 

Failed To Make Prominent Call to Action Plan

Another mistake that most people make during the creation of a Flipbook, is falling short of a call to action plan. It results in failure to achieve the main goal of using this tool. Make sure your call to action plan is in the right place, easily visible, and prominent enough to catch customer sight. 

Selecting Wrong Software 

The selection of the wrong sales enablement platform or flip book creation tool is also a mistake that you need to avoid. Always choose reliable software which has all desired tools to meet the unique needs of your business and is easy to operate.

Key Takeaway 

Flipbook creation is quite a simple task and the use of digital flipbook creation software can make it more convenient for you. However, the risk of mistakes or errors always exists which can greatly reduce the effectiveness of this tool. To eliminate this risk of errors, you can use this guide. 

Following this guide not only helps you to know the most common mistakes and ways to avoid them successfully but will also make the flipbook creation process easier. 

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