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Published on March 7, 2024

Here Are 9 Simple Home Repairs You Can Complete on Your Own

It’s important to understand house care basics whether a person is a first-time apartment tenant or has lived there for a while. The following guidelines are helpful whether replacing a light bulb or painting a wall. One may have anticipated acquiring these foundational principles in a secondary school home economics course; nonetheless, it is never too tardy to begin progress.

1.  Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker

Know what to do if the power goes out when you’re using a hair dryer, the television, and the window air conditioner all at once. The immediate result of a tripped breaker is a complete loss of power.


Get to know your breaker box if you have one in your home or flat. Flip open the panel and inspect the breaker layout. There may be a red marker window showing that it has been tripped, or the switch may currently be in the “OFF” position.


Do not use any electrical equipment or lights that are linked to that circuit breaker. Then, switch the breaker back on by moving its lever to the “ON” position (certain types require being turned off completely before being turned back on again). Assuming everything is operational, congratulations! Contact an electrician if the breaker keeps tripping.

2.  Turn Off the Water

In the event of an emergency, it is essential to be aware of the precise location of the first water shut-off valve within one’s residence. Certain models are equipped with wheel handles, while others include lever-style handles. To deactivate the water flow, one must rotate the wheel-style handle in a clockwise direction, sometimes referred to as turning it to the right. Lever-style handle? Make the lever perpendicular to the pipe by rotating it 90 degrees. As a precaution against plumbing leaks, switch off your home’s water supply when away.

3.  Hang a Painting (or Shelf)

Find a wall stud before you try to hang anything heavy on the wall, whether it’s an ancient painting or a floating shelf. The studs on the other side of a wall are the framing parts that keep the wall upright. A nail driven into a stud is more stable than one driven into a more fragile plasterboard. Using a stud finder purchased from a hardware shop is the most convenient method.


Not all stud finders rely on magnets to locate fasteners; some, like certain smartphone applications, scan the area for magnetic field distortions. Use a drywall anchor or molly bolt (available at any hardware shop) to hang the shelf if there is no stud where you want to put it. The screw is attached to the anchor after the anchor has been driven into the wall, creating a more firm grip. For specific how-to guidance, consult the product’s packaging.

4.  Paint a Wall

Wall painting is one of those simple DIY tasks that just about everyone can do. The trick: Preparation is just as important as painting itself for a professional-looking result. Learn how to get a stunning wall by following our comprehensive how-to

5.  Snake a Drain

The drain still could get clogged occasionally even if you’re very careful about what goes down it. Fortunately, you might be able to fix it with just a cheap drain snake and a plunger. When trying to clear a drain, it’s best to begin with the simplest solution

6.  Fix a Running Toilet

A toilet that won’t stop running may waste a lot of water and is also very irritating to have around the house. Changing the flapper in the tank of the toilet may solve the problem without calling a plumber in Caledon.

7.  Patch a Small Hole in the Drywall

Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant on move-out day, learning how to patch holes in the wall is a useful skill to have. Spackle may be used to fill in the holes made by nails and screws and smooth them out until they are level with the wall. Once dry (drying times should be found on the packaging), sand down to a smooth finish. Use a bit of matching paint to touch up the damage. If you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics of your home, consider incorporating modern stairs in Toronto to elevate your interior design

  8.  Fix a Squeaking Hinge

If you find a squeak on your windows or garage doors, a little WD-40 sprayed into the hinge and a little back-and-forth motion should quiet that noisy door. When WD-40 isn’t available, petroleum jelly will serve in a pinch. Get garage door repairs in Ponoka if you have issues with your garage door

  9.  Re-Caulk

You can simply avoid water damage by repairing the caulk around your sink if it comes loose. A little expenditure on caulk and a caulking gun from a local hardware shop is sufficient. Using a utility knife, make an incision on the tube at a 45-degree angle. When the tube of caulk is trimmed in proximity to its termination, the resultant line will exhibit reduced thickness. Simply insert the tube into the caulking gun and proceed to gently apply the caulk to the gap around your sink. Spread the caulk out evenly and let it cure.

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