Published on May 30, 2024

How to Color Your Homemade Soap Naturally

Why use artificial dye, when you can use organic ingredients for soap color, packing them with nutrients which are beneficial for your skin? Natural dyes are gentle on the skin making them ideal for sensitive skin. Certain ingredients like oatmeal and ground coffee work as an exfoliator due to their coarse texture in the soap base. 

Natural dyes have soothing properties that can calm irritated skin such as rose clay or kaolin clay. You can easily find soap color online. Not only that natural dyes provide the benefits of aromatherapy along with aesthetics of earthy tones and vibrant hues allowing you to truly craft beautiful and unique soap color bars.

Should you use color to make soap at home?

Answer to this question is pretty simple. No, don’t use artificial color to make soap at home. When you are using all-natural and organic products then why ruin the quality of the soap base by adding artificial color. To color the soap base with your preferred color, you have to use ingredients like coffee ground to get brown color, indigo root for the blue color, and pumpkin puree for orange. 

Types of Natural Colorants For Soap Making

With natural colourants, you get to play with many natural ingredients to get the desired color you want for your soap. Natural ingredients rarely cause allergies and skin irritation as they are loaded with many nutrients.

  1. Green Soap Color

One can get a green soap color by simply mixing chamomile essential oil, a bright green color by adding cucumber, green tea powder for brownish green, wheatgrass juice for deep green color, sage, and woad powder for that bluish green.

  1. Brown Soap Color

Waking up with the amazing aroma of coffee not only gives fuel for the day but wakes the skin up when added to the melt and pour soap base. Brown color can be achieved in many ways such as through cocoa powder, coffee grounds, cloves, cinnamon, elderberries, rosehip seeds, and even through olive leaf powder. 

  1. Matte Violet Soap Color

Hues of violet look so pretty in the sky sometimes prompting people to add those hues to their soap which is now possible with natural ingredients that won’t only color your soap but make it extra beneficial for soft and radiant skin. To achieve the violet color you can use black walnut hull, alkanet, madder root, and sandalwood powder. Get all the soap color making supplies online on the VedaOils website. 

  1. Orange Soap Color

Achieve orange soap color with carrot grounds, annatto seed, orange juice can be used to replace lye solution, paprika, pumpkin puree, and safflower petal for the color and the aesthetic look and feel. 

  1. Blue Soap Color

Blue color denotes imagination, freedom, and open spaces. Adding blue color in melt and pour soap base might enhance those brilliant shower ideas millionaires get. To get the blue color naturally add indigo root which will give the soap a deep blue color. You can adjust the quantity of the indigo root according to the color required. 

How to Use Soap Colorants

Adding natural soap colorant directly to the oil or water will let you evenly distribute the color, you can add it to the lye solution or directly to the soap before letting it set. Use of colorant mostly depends on the type of process you incorporate to formulate the soap like melt and pour, hot process, and cold process.  However, it is recommended to make a small batch before adding the color directly to all the batches for the test run.


Possibilities are endless when you know the right combinations of ingredients and how to effectively use them. By VedaOils crafting natural homemade color soap, you will be doing nature a huge favour. It will help with reduced plastic waste as no packing would be required, biodegradable ingredients, minimal chemical footprint as the natural dye would eliminate the use of artificial dye during formulation, and reusable utensils and soap molds. Everything can be found in nature or soap color online you just have to look for it.

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