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Published on October 21, 2023

How to Evaluate the Quality and Durability of Hurricane-Proof Windows

Hurricane-resistant windows can help protect your home from serious damage during a severe storm. These specialized windows must pass several tests before they are considered hurricane-proof.

One of the most important is the large missile impact test. This test shoots a nine-pound two-by-four at the window, first toward its center, then toward a corner.

Structural Strength

A Hurricane Proof Window is a great preventive measure for homeowners living in areas where extreme weather and hurricanes regularly occur. These windows offer protection from flying debris that can damage your home or hurt occupants, as well as high winds and rain that can blow in and cause flooding and other problems.

When you choose impact-resistant glass for your home, you’ll need to pay attention to its PG rating and structural strength. Each window is rated for its ability to withstand large missile impacts and extreme air pressure, such as that experienced during a hurricane.

The frames of hurricane-proof windows can be made from pultruded fiberglass, aluminum or clad aluminum (wood wrapped in aluminum). Aluminum is stronger than vinyl because it resists high temperatures and direct sunlight that could weaken vinyl over time. It’s also more durable and can resist dents and rust better than vinyl. Many homeowners choose aluminum-framed hurricane windows for these reasons and because they often require less maintenance.

Water Resistance

Hurricanes and tropical storms carry heavy rains that can damage house structures. This is why water resistance tests are important for impact windows and doors.

During these tests, the windows are poured with water to simulate hurricane-force wind and rain. Then, the products are inspected for cracks or leaks to assess their durability.

In addition to enhancing a home’s beauty, hurricane-resistant windows offer several additional benefits. These include reduced outside noise, protection from the sun’s UV rays, and energy efficiency.

The best way to evaluate hurricane windows’ quality and durability is to consult an experienced installer. These professionals will ensure that the windows are properly installed and inspected regularly. In addition, they will provide advice on proper maintenance and care. These measures will maximize the effectiveness of the windows and prevent them from leaking or breaking during storms or forced entry.

Energy Efficiency

We’ve all seen those horrific post-storm pictures of 2x4s speared through windows and shattered glass covering people’s belongings. Luckily, hurricane windows can help prevent such damage by keeping your home and family safe from flying debris during storms and enhancing your home’s overall look.

The most important factor in determining how well hurricane windows hold up during severe weather is their impact resistance rating, which is determined by testing the window against a simulated hurricane environment. The test involves firing a missile at the window, such as a large steel ball.

Hurricane windows are typically designed with laminated or polymer-reinforced glass and robust window frames that withstand extreme wind pressures without cracking or breaking.

Additionally, many high-performing hurricane windows offer a high U-factor and R-value, allowing them to reflect heat instead of letting it pass through the window. Combined with a well-insulated insulation system, this makes hurricane windows highly energy efficient.


Hurricane-proof windows are an excellent choice for regions prone to tropical storms and hurricanes. These windows protect from flying debris and high winds using thicker glass and durable frames. They also protect against moisture and can help save energy in the home.

To determine the strength of hurricane-proof windows, look for a Design Pressure Rating (DP) in one corner of the glass. This number is determined by applying a test wind pressure to the window for 10 seconds and determining if it remains intact without suffering any lasting damage.

It’s important to find a reliable window installer for your hurricane-proof windows. Your local contractor can advise you on the best options for your property and budget. They can also help you choose the right size, style, and shape for your new hurricane windows. They can even help you make the most of your new investment by improving your home’s energy efficiency.

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