Published on May 22, 2023

How to Use the AT&T Smart Home Manager App

Connect smart devices, manage Wi-Fi connections, and control the functionality of devices easily with the AT&T smart home manager app. It is a handy tool that is both convenient and simple to use with lots of helpful features.

How to Setup Smart Home Manager App?

AT&T smart home manager is an easy-to-use app that helps personalize and manage your network. You can use the smart home manager app with AT&T internet plans, internet air, Fixed wireless, or small business internet with one of the following Wi-Fi gateways or All-Fi hubs:

  • All-Fi hub (CGW450)
  • Motorola NVG589
  • 2Wire 3600, 2Wire 3800, 2Wire 3801
  • Arris NVG599, BGW210, BGW320
  • Pace 5031, Pace 5168, Pace 5268AC

If your network meets the requirement, you can download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Access Smart Home Manager Application

All your connections can be at your fingertips, and you can easily control and manage your network using your phone smart home manager app once you Sign In to MyAT&T

View Devices on Your Network

With the AT&T smart home manager app, you can view connected devices on your Wi-Fi network. Moreover, you can also view their type of connection or rename the device. The following points will guide you on how to do it:

  1. Open the Smart Home Manager.
  2. Go To ‘Network’ and then into ‘Connected Devices’. The devices connected to your network will appear here. 
  3. Click the device you wish to view. You can also rename the device or manage its connection. 

If you cannot find your device, it means the smart home manager cannot identify it and will put it under the ‘Others’ list.  

Invite Guests on Your Network

Sometimes it gets tiring to put Wi-Fi passwords in your guests’ phone or write it down for the visitors. That ends now with the AT&T smart home manager app. With this tool, you can easily and securely share your Wi-Fi network using the method below:

  1. Open the Smart Home Manager.
  2. Head over to ‘My Wi-Fi’.
  3. Select ‘Share Wi-Fi’ for the user you wish to share with to send them an invite.
  4. Choose the available option to send the details (via contact or message).

Control Network Access to Your Devices

A home Wi-Fi is shared between all the members of the house, but sometimes one does not want all of the devices to use it. So, with the AT&T smart home manager app, you can prioritize a connection and pause or block its access to the network by following this method:

  1. Open the Smart Home Manager.
  2. Select ‘Network’, then go to ‘Connected Devices’.
  3. Choose the device connection that you want to pause or block.
  4. Select the ‘Pause’ or ‘Block’ internet access option for that device. Whenever you are ready to restore that device’s connection, choose ‘Resume’.

Prioritize Devices

Do you want to prioritize a device connection over another? You can easily do so with the help of the AT&T smart home manager app by the following method:

  1. Choose the device you want to prioritize and select ‘Prioritize Device’. It will ensure the device has the best connection performance for up to two hours. (you can do so on up to two devices simultaneously).
  2. Whenever you are ready to restore settings to normal, choose ‘End Priority’.

AT&T Smart Home Manager Support

AT&T smart home manager app is a helpful tool that enhances your home Wi-Fi experience by giving you more control over it. However, if you face any issues at any given time, ask AT&T customer service 24/7. Once there, you can also ask any questions, queries or concerns you might have about anything. Moreover, you can approach the support by chat, call, or ask the community for answers regarding AT&T internet service or home Wi-Fi network. 

Often several people have issues with the connection signals. If you are one of them having trouble with the connection in specific parts of your home, you can look into AT&T smart Wi-Fi extenders. They can help eliminate dead zones and enhance the performance of your Wi-Fi by several folds. 

Another common question many people ask is how to change the Wi-Fi information. It is fairly easy with the help of MyAT&T. You will find complete guidance with a step-by-step guide on how to do it.  

Final Takeaway

AT&T’s smart home manager app offers a convenient, quick, and easy way to manage and control your network throughout your home. It has several helpful features like parental controls, Wi-Fi network management, device customization, access controls, and more. And you can access them all with the app on your phone. So, if you have visitors, someone is consuming all the bandwidth, or a child is lurking around inappropriate content; you can troubleshoot all these things easily with just a few taps and swipes on the phone.  

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