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Published on September 26, 2023

Important Factors to Consider When Thinking About Retirement

Retirement is the ideal time to pursue your dreams and fulfill the aspirations you’ve been holding off. If you’ve always dreamt about waking up to the calming sound of the waves and beautiful sunrise over the ocean, now is perhaps the best time to consider moving to the beach. Nonetheless, with all the excitement that a beach retirement brings, there are certain considerations that you must take into account before taking the leap. Here we list ten factors worthy of your evaluation.

 Weather, Amenities, Cost, Health, and Housing

  1. Weather and Climate: One of the essential things to consider when moving to the beach is the climate. Understand the weather patterns in detail, including off-season situations – storms, hurricanes, and temperature fluctuations, to ensure that you can handle them. 
  2. Proximity to Amenities: Easy access to places like grocery stores, medical facilities, and recreational centers is crucial for anyone, especially retirees. Ensure that there are accessible amenities in the locale you pick for your beach retirement.
  3. Cost of Living: Often, beach towns tend to have a higher cost of living than average due to the scenic setting. Expenses like grocery prices, cost of entertainment, utilities, and taxes can add up quickly.
  4. Health Considerations: Salty air and high humidity can affect certain medical conditions such as arthritis and respiratory issues. Consult with your doctor to understand if the beach atmosphere could have an impact on your health.
  5. Housing: This is going to be your new home for your golden years. Make sure it’s in a safe neighborhood, has the right attributes for aging purposes — single-level living, handrails, ample light, etc., to ensure a comfortable and easy life. Financial preparation is key to enjoying your retirement anywhere, be it a beach town or a bustling city. If you’re curious about how countries differ in retirement savings, you can calculate your retirement pension fund in Iceland and see how it stacks up to other places around the world.
  6. Community: Being part of a community that helps, supports, and even partakes in fun activities together is a great advantage in retirement. Look out for active adult communities or places known for being retiree-friendly.
  7. Maintenance and Insurance: Beach houses tend to require more upkeep due to exposure to salt air and high winds. Also, insurance costs might be higher due to these homes’ vulnerability to natural disasters like floods and hurricanes.
  8. Opportunities for Activities: Preferably, you should have access to activities you enjoy — whether it’s fishing, boating, golfing, or simply walking on the beach. These activities can play a significant part in determining your retirement happiness. 

Consider the case of Myrtle Beach, SC, often hailed as a perfect place for retirees. This beachfront city captures the beauty of a resort town that meets the tranquillity of beach life. Besides its breathtaking beaches, it offers excellent golfing opportunities with over 100 golf courses. Myrtle Beach further impresses with its warm year-round climate, affordable market rates, variety of recreational activities, and animated community life.

Indeed, every city or area will have some pros and cons. One must strike a balance between their preferences and the practicalities of life when selecting a retirement destination.

Lifestyle and Psychological Considerations

Lifestyle: Living near the beach brings about a significant shift in lifestyle. Embracing a beach lifestyle means spending more time outdoors, engaging in activities like swimming, beach walks, or practicing yoga by the shore. It often involves adopting a more casual and relaxed pace of life, leaving behind the hustle and bustle of city living. Before making the decision to move, reflect on whether this kind of lifestyle suits your personality and preferences. Consider whether you enjoy the idea of a slower pace, more outdoor activities, and a closer connection with nature.

Now let’s talk about psychological considerations. Coastal living can significantly impact your mental health and emotional well-being.

Psychological Considerations: Numerous studies indicate that moving near a beach can lower stress levels and improve mental health. The lovely views, beautiful sunsets, and the relaxing sounds of the waves cultivate a sense of peace. However, switching from an urban setting to a quieter beach town can also mean leaving behind familiar social networks and the convenience of city life, which can cause feelings of loneliness and anxiety in some.

Transitioning to a beach retirement often means embracing a change in social dynamics. Many retirees find themselves spending more time alone, especially if they move away from their previous social networks.

While solitude can be enjoyed and embraced by some, others may find it challenging.

It’s important to consider your comfort level with solitude and determine if you have the ability and willingness to create new connections and build a supportive social circle in your new beach community. Getting involved in community activities, joining clubs or groups, and participating in local events can be great ways to meet new people and foster a sense of belonging.


Moving to the beach after retirement is a decision that requires careful thought. It’s not just about the beautiful views and relaxing life; it’s about choosing a place where you can age comfortably and happily. And while every person’s requirements are unique, Myrtle Beach, with its well-rounded ambiance, does seem to offer all the right checkboxes for a fulfilling retirement.

Remember, the essence of an ideal retirement lies not just in the place but in the lifestyle it offers and the happiness and peace it brings to your life.

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