Published on March 6, 2023

Improve Your Mood with the Right Fragrance

Many people turn to fragrances for more than just a pleasant smell. Let’s explore how certain fragrances can make us feel better and the different types of them that are best for various situations.

The Power of Scents

Studies have found that certain smells can affect our moods and emotions in a positive way. Even the scent of freshly baked cookies has been found to reduce feelings of anxiety! In general, it is believed that sweet or floral notes which can be found in Montale fragrances can help us feel happier while earthy or woodsy scents may help reduce stress.

Choose the Perfect Scent to Enhance Your Mood

Refresh and Recharge

The right fragrance can help to brighten your day and bring out your best self. Black pepper,  cypress and fennel are known for their individually invigorating aromas. They will linger with you throughout your day, leaving you feeling reinvigorated and connected with nature. Whether it’s a long day at work or just needing a little pick-me-up, these scents are the solution.

Uplift and Energize

Choose a scent that energizes and uplifts your mood. Citrus scents are great for bringing a positive mood, while herbal or spicy scents can help you to focus and get tasks done. Different fragrances have different effects on your state of mind. Mini sizes like the Absolute Aphrodisiac sample can help you to experiment with different fragrances until you find the one that you love.

Find Your Signature Scent

Now that we know about the power of fragrances on our moods and emotions, let’s look at how to choose the right fragrance for you. It is important to consider your lifestyle needs. Which mood do you want your frahrance to express? For example if you need something energizing in the morning or something calming at night. Choose a scent that you can wear every day, so that it has a calming effect whenever you wear it. It is also important to take into account your personal preference when selecting scents. Request a sample of that fragrance and spray it on yourself, as body chemistry can affect how a fragrance smells. After all no one knows what smells good to you better than yourself!

Add Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is an alternative healing practice that involves using essential oils for health-promoting purposes. These essential oils are extracted from plants and herbs, then infused into massage oils, bath salts, candles, perfumes, diffusers, and more. By inhaling these essential oils or applying them topically to your skin (with a carrier oil), you can reap the therapeutic benefits they offer. For example, peppermint oil may alleviate headaches while lavender oil may reduce insomnia and aid with relaxation.


Whether you’re looking for something energizing during work hours or something calming after a long day there are plenty of fragrances out there that can be used to promote wellbeing. All you need to do is find one that works for you!

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