Published on February 23, 2024

Planning a Boho-Themed Wedding


Are you getting married soon? While many people plan a traditional-style wedding, some couples want something different. If you love a natural, rustic-themed event, consider having a boho wedding.

What is a Boho-Themed Wedding?

Bohemian-themed weddings are often described as whimsical, free-spirited unions. These events have plenty of flowers, colors, and textures that aren’t present in a conventional venue. Many categorize boho-themed weddings as an homage to the 1960s and 70s. If you’re a creative, free-spirited person, a boho wedding may be perfect for you. 


Benefits of Having a Boho Wedding


A benefit to hosting a boho wedding is that you have a lot of creative freedom. For one, you can handcraft the majority of your decorations. You can make everything from table decorations to wedding favors. Having a boho-themed wedding allows you to go for the more frugal options. 


When it comes to bridal wear, you can also embrace a whimsical-styled dress. Bella Bridesmaids has magical gowns that’ll complement your big day. Whether you get gorgeous dresses for bridesmaids or a wedding dress for yourself, embrace your bohemian theme. 


If you’re looking to plan a bohemian wedding and don’t know where to start, here are some simple tips to maximize the success of your special day.


Choose an Earthy Outdoor Venue

Nothing represents a bohemian theme like an outdoor venue. Having Mother Nature as a backdrop is an easy way to incorporate nature into the overall decor. Moreover, there are plenty of options, like backyards and parks, to host your big day.


If you plan on having your wedding in a natural public place, be sure to do your research. You may need permits or other documentation from your state before setting up and occupying the space. If your wedding isn’t for a while, looking at future dates is still wise. Certain seasons are more popular than others, so reserve your preferred dates. 


Don’t want to have your event outside but still want a boho-themed wedding? Think of rustic and woodsy locations. For instance, you can find a barnyard or similar location with a covering you can decorate. This is an excellent option if you live in a naturally rainy area.

Add Your Own Natural Elements

In addition to having your wedding outdoors, you’ll want to increase the earthy ambiance. Infusing the earth adds your natural components to your memorable day. Wildflowers and plants like succulents are a great way to boost the earthy, rustic theme. Go to a local garden and look at various plants to decide which will work best for your wedding. 

There are natural textures you can incorporate as well. Examples are burlap, linen, or woven fabrics. All these textiles can add depth and interest to your wedding decor.

If you love natural scents, consider adding lavender, rosemary, and cinnamon to your wedding. Lavender and rosemary bring passion, love, and harmony. In contrast, cinnamon symbolizes prosperity and good luck.

Don’t Skimp on the Lace

Incorporating lace is often a staple in bohemian-themed weddings. Both the bride and bridesmaids’ dresses made of lace tend to have more movement. They also have a natural aesthetic to them. You can also add lace tablecloths or placemats to a wooden table.

If you carry flowers, you can also wrap them in the lace. It’s a fashionably convenient and beautiful way to keep your bouquet.

Candles Are Your Friend

If you’re indoors in a woodsy venue or outside at a later time, natural light is key to illuminating your event. A simple solution for indoor or outdoor boho wedding lighting is adding candles. Use candles in decorative centerpieces on tables. You can also have hanging candles on the ceiling with artificial lights.

The same applies to a wedding at the beach. You can light up this natural location with candles. The candles can lead you and your future spouse to the altar. 

Even if your wedding is in the morning, you can use unlit candles. Having candles on hand as decorative pieces will give you plenty of time to enjoy the events. The candles will set the perfect ambiance as the sun begins to set during your reception. 


Having a boho-themed wedding is both popular and cost-effective. Embracing the beauty of nature with the people you love most is the perfect way to tie yourself to your partner. Consider hiring a professional planner who specializes in bohemian weddings. Or, if you prefer to do things on your way, take your time planning. A bohemian-themed wedding is relaxing and beautiful, and your big day should reflect this. 


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