Published on July 13, 2023

Safely Accessing Hidden Wiki

by Psych Times Staff

The “dark web” or Hidden Wiki are certainly familiar to you if you watch current TV or read about privacy online. Hidden Wiki is not an encyclopaedia like Wikipedia. It lists non-WWW sites that may be beneficial. Anyone may sign up and modify it anonymously since it fights censorship.

We’ll assist you to reach the Hidden Wiki if you’re ready to enter “the onion network” and visit websites most people never see. We’ll provide significantly more dependable choices.

  • Dark Web Access
  • Download Tor.
  • VPN, then Tor.
  • DuckDuckGo “Hidden Wiki” search.

TOR and Private Browsing

Understand.onion websites to access the Hidden Wiki. The “dark web” consists of websites with a specific top-level domain name. Onion websites finish in “.onion” and have no easy-to-remember moniker. The Hidden Wiki makes finding related sites simpler since their URLs appear like random sequences of text.

.onion sites are inaccessible in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and other browsers. They’re not secure, defeating.onion sites’ anonymity. Download Tor, a unique browser. It functions like any other browser, except before you start browsing, it randomly connects you to three Tor network volunteer machines throughout the globe. These proxies can access.onion websites and hide your location when used with a good VPN like PrivadoVPN.

DuckDuckGo is DuckDuckGo’s default search engine. On purpose. Google profits from collecting your internet activity. Use their service for unrelated site logins and retain your search history for analysis. Privacy advocates like DuckDuckGo since it doesn’t track you.

Finding Hidden Wiki

Finding the Hidden Wiki is simple now. It appears early in DuckDuckGo searches. You may start browsing.onion web pages from there.

Here are some disclaimers. First, viewing the Hidden Wiki is lawful, but not all sites are safe. This material is for educational reasons. Please exercise caution while following links.

The onion network is unmoderated, hence frauds are common. No.onion site should get payment information. To prevent infection, update your antivirus.

Finally, some Hidden Wiki versions are unmoderated and difficult to explore. Instead than depending on the “brand name,” search for Daniel Onion Link List or TorLinks, which are moderated to remove frauds and faulty links. The former has a test button for all listed sites so you can check whether they’re operating before clicking the link.

Onion Sites

The Hidden Wiki and onion network have a lot to offer, however here are a few sites you may find interesting.


This investigative journalism organisation has earned several honours, including a 2016 Pulitzer for sexual abuse reporting. They are also great at gathering and reporting noteworthy data. Their.onion site is more secure and has some minor adjustments.


Online data transport is tough. Do you detest having to destroy data to protect it from hackers? With ZeroBin, you can share text, source code, or markdown data instantly, password-protect it, send a link to relevant individuals, and specify an expiry date. Best part? ZeroBin doesn’t know what data you’re sharing since it’s encrypted on your computer before uploading.


“Riseup offers online communication tools for liberatory social change.” Secure communication protects individuals from tyrants. They need an invitation to create an account, however their Security section has great privacy suggestions.

In oppressive countries, BBC.onion addresses are accessible. The Freedom of the Press Foundation administers SecureDrop, a popular.onion site. It lets whistleblowers anonymously transmit tips and documents to Forbes, The Washington Post, Reuters, and others. A.onion Facebook promises to not log your activities. However, you should be cautious.

It’s easy to join the onion network. You only need a secret browser, common sense, and a directory like the Hidden Wiki to securely and discreetly surf to the sites you want.

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