July 25, 2022

The Importance of Practicing Safe Fasting

Fasting is a form of going without food and/or drink for a certain period. If done correctly, it can actually improve your health, strengthen your heart and muscles, regulate blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation in the body, and provide mental clarity.

Fasting is not just about going without food for some time; it’s intended to be a time of reflection and focus. Try spending your fasting time in quiet meditation or contemplation instead of focusing on hunger pains. By doing that, you can lose weight, improve your health and boost your creativity.

But why do people fast?

Young adults may choose to go on traditional or cultural diets for many reasons, but fasting is actually one of the more common methods for staying healthy. Fasting can be done for dietary, religious, spiritual and other reasons.

However, it is vital that fasting does not replace a healthy diet. Instead of eating a lot of meals a day with a variety of food items throughout the day, people instead drastically cut down on their overall calorie intake by only consuming certain types of foods or liquids during specific time periods. 

This can be very difficult for some people to do and may also lead to dehydration, fatigue and other adverse side effects. Therefore, it is absolutely imperative to get a proper alternative should you decide to eat less food or no food at all for short periods of time.

During your fasting period, your body will be deprived of the essential vitamins, sodium, potassium, electrolytes and minerals it needs to function properly. Therefore, please take a look at the below infographic to learn about Healthycell® and to help give your body what it needs in order for you to complete your fasting journey safely and successfully.

Infographic Designed By: Healthycell®


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