Published on January 28, 2024

Tips On Getting The Best Deal On Roller Door Sales

Installing new garage or external roller doors is a significant home investment that can enhance appearance, security, and resale value. As per experts in the field Steel-Line, with the right planning and research, you can secure these stylish, functional doors at the lowest possible price. Follow this 8-step guide to roller door sales bargain hunting success.

Measure precisely

Garage and external roller doors come in standard widths and heights. Measure the opening multiple times to determine what size you need – this will give you the most size options when shopping around. Keep track of non-standard details too like low headroom clearance. Accuracy ensures you get doors that fit without expensive customization.  

Research materials

Roller doors consist of horizontal slats joined together with hinges. The slats may be aluminum, steel, vinyl, or even fiberglass. Compare the pros and cons – steel offers durability and security while aluminum provides weather-resistance. Define priorities like insulation value, strength, noise level, and exterior color/finish to narrow the options.

Look into wind load ratings

Choose roller doors rated to withstand wind gusts common in your area. High wind load doors have additional bracing and stronger construction to prevent damage – an important consideration for garages. This may add cost but saves having to continually repair or replace compromised doors.

Consider openers

While manual opening/closing works for smaller doors, most homeowners opt for automatic openers for convenience. Openers range from $150 for chain drive units to over $500 for integrated smart devices. Have an opener installed when the doors go in for just labor costs – much cheaper than paying for retrofitting later. 

Take note of warranties

Less expensive roller doors often have shorter warranties on materials, finish, and mechanisms. Opt for 10-year or longer warranties when possible to cover slat, spring, and hardware failure. Make sure warranties specify what’s covered including labor and material costs. 

Get installer recommendations

Ask neighbors, friends, realtors – anyone with nice looking, functional doors – who did their installation and at what cost. Reputable technicians ensure doors operate smoothly, have watertight seals, and come with supportive customer service during warranty periods. 

Get at least 3 quotes

With detailed measurements and product selections in hand, approach 3+ local services and big box stores for quotes. Ask lots of questions about materials, warranty inclusions, reputability, and what’s driving price differences. Don’t assume national chains will have the lowest price.

Watch for sales and specials

As with most home improvement projects, roller door costs fluctuate somewhat seasonally. Keep an eye out for year-end discounts, inventory closeouts, and periodic percentage sales to maximize savings. Signing up for company newsletters and asking about any promotions is wise too. Patience and timing pays off.  


Investing the effort upfront to precisely specify your requirements, research options, and collect detailed quotes ensures you select durable, functional roller doors at the most wallet-friendly price. Pay close attention to material quality, wind loading capacity, warranties, and installer reputation when bargain shopping. Follow these tips and you’ll secure the optimal doors to enhance your home’s functionality and style for years to come.

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