Published on September 13, 2023

Ways to Calculate Your Age Today from Birth Date

Aging is an important factor for all of us. Skills can not be measured by age. In other words, a middle-aged person is more clever and intelligent as compared to a young one. Age is a feeling that our learning journey has stopped and it’s time to fulfill our responsibility.  Learning a new thing is a matter of passion seen by individuals eager to learn new things, including computers, at the age of 60. And yes they did it very well. Age calculator is a calculator by which you can find your current age in year, month, and day format. 

Why people love to celebrate birthdays

Everyone loves to celebrate their birthdays by acknowledging and appreciating the milestones and experiences they have gained throughout their life. Here are a few reasons why celebrating age is valuable.

-Birthdays give an opportunity for reflection on the past. It shows your personal growth, achievements, and challenges you faced. It gives a sense of pride. It is when you see a stock of your accomplishments, learning, and improvement. It is an aspiration for guiding future goals. An age calculator lets you know the exact date of your birthday and how many days are left so that you can plan your celebration according to it. 

-A birthday is an event that should be celebrated with gratitude. You should thank people who supported you in your tough time and thank those experiences that enhanced your learning and your growth. Blessings and opportunities should be appreciated that make you powerful and intelligent.  date of birth calculator not only tells your age but shows some fun facts related to it. 

-As you grow older you start self-acceptance. Each passing year adds a story and shapes your life. It teaches you to embrace yourself and your uniqueness. you should be comfortable with your strengths and weaknesses which create a positive image of yourself. An age calculator

Is an online calculator where you can find your exact age. 

-Birthdays should be celebrated which is an opportunity to get together to strengthen relationships. You can show love to a loved one and you can celebrate with family and friends. Celebrating age allows others to openly express their love and care for you hence a social bond is strength and a sense of community is fostered. 

How to Calculate Age?

There are many methods of calculating age based on the culture where you come from. A Western age calculation is done internationally to let you know the age. 

The easy trick to find your age is to subtract the date of birth from today’s age.

Take an example

If a person’s date of birth is 2001-2-17 year is 2001, the second month is February, and 17 is the date. Today’s date is 2023-9-7  subtract year to year, month to month, and date to date respectively. 22 years 7 months and -10 days. -10 days means 30-10 which is 20 days. Instead of manually calculating age use an online free tool age calculator to know how many days are left on your next birthday. 

Fix date or running date

Some people consider their finished date and some estimate their running age. Completed age refers to the age in terms of complete year whereas running age refers to the current year age. You are now 21 years old and completed your birthday. The fixed date would be 21 years whereas running one would be 22. Completed age refers to your age in terms of years since your birthday and running age is your current going age.  If you were born on August 8, 2002, you are 21 years, 1 month, and 0 days old. Your full age will be 21 years. However, because you have already lived for 2 years, your running age will be 22.

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