Published on June 26, 2023

Can Nootropics Help With ADHD?

ADHD is known for the way that it impacts focus. A person with ADHD might find it hard to focus on even important tasks, which can be anything from annoying to career-destroying, depending on how severe it is. Naturally, this means that even people who are proud of their ADHD will still want a way to focus when it really matters.

Nootropics – the “smart drugs” supplements – are one potential way to soften the blow that ADHD can have on your focus. But do they actually work for helping ADHD sufferers keep a clear head, or are they just another pipe dream that does not really change anything?

About Nootropics

Nootropics are a type of supplement designed to promote better brain function, ranging from memory to creativity. In the context of ADHD, it is often used as a way to improve focus, helping people with ADHD keep their attention straight when working on a specific task or towards a certain goal.

On top of that, nootropics have a range of other benefits and are generally meant to promote better brain health overall. This can make them a very popular choice of supplement for people who want to make their brain healthier overall, something that is just generally useful if you find yourself struggling to focus or rest.

For people with ADHD, the idea of nootropics is incredibly helpful. Being able to focus using supplements means that they can sharpen their mind without having to worry about taking dangerous drugs or using substances that try and force their brain into a more focused state.

However, before you jump into using nootropics (or just write them off entirely), it is a good idea to understand if and how they can help. 

What do Nootropics do for people with ADHD?

According to research, nootropics – “smart drugs” – are one way to help with ADHD. That said, it is important to note that these supplements only offer a partial solution to the issues that come with ADHD.

However, for people with ADHD, this partial solution is often all they need. Nootropics provide some direct boosts to your mental functions without doing anything harmful to your brain, meaning that they can become a reliable part of your own self-care routines.


First off, nootropics are used as a tool to help with focus. This is naturally going to be incredibly useful for people with ADHD since improved focus can directly counter the problem of them finding it hard to focus on specific things.

This focus can also be useful even when they are focused on something since the other benefits (alertness and awareness, for example) ensure that the focus is more productive. This means that people with ADHD are less likely to get distracted by a single thing that only forms a portion of the whole project.


Nootropics can boost creativity. This is great for people who are already creative or were finding it hard to think of something to create, but it also leads to practical benefits too: better problem-solving, for example.

This is a benefit that works well in basically any situation, with no real downsides. Being more creative can make it much easier to tackle a range of challenges or complete different tasks without things getting stale, and can even help people with ADHD maintain their focus for slightly longer.


Nootropics can boost memory, too, both long-term and short-term. This can be invaluable for people who regularly forget what they are doing or struggle to retain information while working on other tasks, which can be important for people with ADHD that find it really hard to focus on multiple unrelated goals.

A better memory is another benefit that has no downsides. Even if your memory is already fine in general, having a slightly better memory is not going to hurt, and it can provide you with another layer of benefits if you struggle to keep yourself on task.


Awareness, as mentioned earlier, can make it easier to re-focus on larger projects. Beyond that, though, better awareness also usually means that a person with ADHD can actually keep track of more at once. This becomes very important for people who get easily side-tracked with smaller goals that might not be as important.

More awareness and alertness can also make it easier to avoid being over-focused. Some people with ADHD can latch onto specific goals, often ignoring other important steps or even their body’s own needs. If you are more aware of everything around you, you can focus on your priorities a lot more effectively.

Brain Health

As a whole, nootropics are good for managing your own mental functions and health, something that is useful to everybody regardless of their brain chemistry. Having a healthier brain means you tend to feel better overall, allowing for a much more effective approach to your work and much less time spent struggling with poor focus or discomfort.

While nootropics will not fix every problem permanently, they are a great stopgap for dealing with things like an inability to focus on one specific thing. A healthier brain is a more responsive and reliable brain, so there is nothing wrong with trying to boost your own brain health with the right supplement options.

Should People with ADHD Use Nootropics

The mind is a very interesting part of the body, and many people have slightly different experiences based on their own unique biological chemistry. Using nootropic supplements for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can be a good way to help yourself focus more, all while relying on safe supplements that do not put you in any danger.

ADHD is not something that needs to be cured because many people are proud of their condition. However, it is hard to deny that mitigating the symptoms can sometimes make a big difference, especially if you are finding it hard to keep your brain focused on what is important.

Nootropics for ADHD may be a good option to consider. While everybody’s brain is different, there are no downsides to making your mind healthier, and the right supplement choices can make a huge difference to your overall focus.

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