Published on May 22, 2024

Why It’s Said We’re Our Own Worst Enemies

It’s believed that Frederich Nietzsche was the first person to say something along the lines of ‘man is his own worst enemy’. That quote has rung true with people time and time again. As humans, it feels like we get in our own way and make life difficult simply because it’s all we know how to do. 

It can be hard to recognize those moments as they happen, but if you’re currently in the middle of a stressful situation and feel like it’s all your fault, this quote is probably at the tip of your tongue right now! But it’s not impossible to feel happy again; you just need to learn to navigate the most common ways we become our own worst enemies. 

We’re with Ourselves 24/7

So we hear it all; both our best and worst thoughts, our messy feelings, our dreams and fantasies. Things we’d never say out loud to another person, and feelings we’d never admit to having. This combination can make us think a lot of things about ourselves, and sometimes this introspection tips towards the negative. 

But being with yourself 24/7 means you can also become your own strongest soldier and best friend. You know what’s going on in your head, and even if you need to write things down and externalize them to work things out, you’ll still be the one person you can rely on. 

We Can Fall Prey to Anxious Thoughts

When your thoughts go into an anxious overdrive, it’s easiest to say no and turn away. The relief is instant, and you feel much safer continuing along the path you know. This is the worst way we can be an enemy to ourselves. 

However, the more you tackle these anxious thoughts and let them know they can’t win, the better you’ll be on your own side. Don’t fall down the rabbit hole; take some time to breathe through, rationalize, and try again. 

We’re the Only Ones Who Can Make a Change

No one can make you change. You’re the only one capable of making that decision and following through with it. It’s the same reason you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped. Only the person living in your body can do something to make a difference, and that’s you. 

It’s also why healing is so hard after something traumatic happens. Reaching out to healing programs can help, such as intuitive healing – and you can discover what is intuitive healing here – but you’ll still be the one who agrees to follow the steps laid out by your practitioner. 

Of course, you can take pointers from other people even without specifically trying to heal. You can even get a friend to act as an accountability coach. However, you’ll still be the person who deals with getting from one step to another.

Being your own worst enemy is easy. Spot the pattern before it swallows you up and you’ll soon become your own best friend. 

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