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Published on September 13, 2023

Non-Invasive Paternity Testing: Accurate Answers Without Discomfort

The relationship between a father and a child has immense significance in human society. From personal reassurance to legal matters, establishing paternity is crucial. Previously, invasive methods were employed to determine paternity which came with risks and discomfort. Scientific advancements in medical technology have revolutionized the way of determining paternity. Moreover, Face DNA has got your back by introducing a Non-invasive Paternity test and providing accurate results. now you can get rid of uncomfortable procedures.

In this article, we will be highlighting the concept of a Non-invasive Paternity test, its significance, and the advantages that come with it.

Understanding Non-Invasive Paternity Test; Unlocking Biological Bonds:

Establishing paternity while doing a genetic analysis between a father and a child is a groundbreaking technique. This involves developing a biological connection between the father and the child by analyzing their genetic profiles.

A Non-Invasive Paternity test involves collecting the DNA samples of the alleged father and the child. Based on similar genetic content, professionals will create their respective genetic profiles. These genetic profiles are compared and analyzed to establish a genetic-biological connection.

Additionally, this procedure does not require invasive and uncomfortable procedures of sampling. Instead, the cheek swab sampling technique is employed to take DNA samples. 

Genetics behind Paternity Testing:

Our DNA and genetics are the threads that connect us with our ancestors. DNA holds all the genetic information that is passed on from generation to generation. This genetic information regulates and controls biological and physical traits.

Human genetics follows the complex pattern of inheritance. Half of the genetic material in the child comes from the mother and half is inherited from the father. Therefore, the genetic profiles of the father and the child are created based on similar genetic content.

In addition to this, genetic markers are the regions in our DNA that specify every person as an individual. Based on the frequency of shared genetic markers, a biological connection can be established.

Can I Get a Paternity Test While Pregnant?

A paternity test has its important in determining and developing biological connections. A traditional paternity test can be used to determine biological connection only when the child is born. 

With the twist of modern science and technology, it is now possible to establish paternity during pregnancy. It is important for the unborn child and the expectant mother to know about the real father. A non-invasive prenatal paternity test has done wonders in this regard. 

This involves taking the fetal DNA from the mother’s blood. The genetic profile of the claimed father is analyzed and compared with the genetic profile of the unborn child. Shared genetic markers allow professionals to develop a biological connection between the father and the unborn baby.   

Advantages and Benefits:

Without the need for invasive and uncomfortable procedures, a paternity can be established with a Non-Invasive Paternity Test. 

  • Safe and convenient:

Unlike invasive procedures that involve taking DNA from the placenta or amniotic fluid, a non-invasive paternity test is safe and painless. Get clarity and peace of mind by using this convenient and comfortable testing procedure.

  • Non-invasive testing during pregnancy:

A NIPP test is a remarkable tool to establish paternity during pregnancy. This can be done as early as the 7th week of pregnancy, allowing pregnant mothers to get answers about parentage. This test minimizes the risk of any complications and provides you with accurate results. 

  • No risk of miscarriages:

Traditional invasive approaches come with a slight risk of miscarriages or complications in pregnancy. On the other hand, non-invasive paternity testing reduces these risks, ensuring safety and comfort for pregnant mothers.

How Accurate is a Non-Invasive Paternity Test?

Accuracy and reliability depend on the credibility of the DNA test, the testing protocols, and the quality of the DNA samples. Moreover, it is crucial to rely on professional DNA test service providers and accredited laboratories.

From analyzing genetic profiles to establishing paternity, a non-invasive paternity test provides accurate and reliable results. 

Significance of Paternity Testing in Legal Matters:

A non-invasive paternity test is a fascinating tool for establishing paternity and ensuring clarity and peace of mind. A paternity test has remarkable significance in legal matters that involve legal rights and responsibilities.

  • In cases of child custody and child financial support, you can file a petition to get paternity testing done. 
  • In cases of inheritance claims, a paternity test has significance in finding the legal beneficiary of the property.
  • In cases, where the father refuses to support the child financially, the mother can get legal help. Once paternity is confirmed, the father is bound to provide financial support to the child.

Can a Face DNA Test confirm paternity?

A Face DNA Test involves comparing and analyzing the two images to look for shared facial impressions. Just like genetic markers, facial landmarks such as nose shape, jaw structure, face spots, the distance between eyes, and dimples are specified impressions. By employing facial recognition technology, a face DNA test can verify and identify individuals.

But if you want to determine paternity, the photo dna test app is not a reliable tool. A paternity test is a reliable option to confirm biological connections. On the other hand, a face DNA test can only identify facial patterns and cannot develop any biological connection.

How much does a Non-Invasive Paternity Test cost? 

The cost of a Non-Invasive Paternity test is $1,695.

Final words:

Determining and developing a biological connection is crucial to the exciting journey of fatherhood. Get rid of all the invasive and uncomfortable procedures and choose the non-invasive paternity test that Face IT DNA offers. Our team of genetic professionals and experts provides accurate and reliable results. Not only do we offer testing services, but we also offer consultation services, ensuring clarity and peace of mind.

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