Published on January 20, 2022

Psychological Adaptation of Students in the 1st Year of Study

The psychological adaptation of the student in the first year of study is a complex process. It is not just about passing exams and getting good grades, but also about living in an environment not accustomed to, with people different from what you grew up with. The following article discusses some of the most common problems students face during their first year at university and offers advice on dealing with them.

Coping with Academic Stress

Students’ academic stress during their first year of study can be overwhelming at times. This type of stress comes from the pressure to meet professors’ expectations. How do I do my homework now and get good grades? It is one of the daunting questions common to first years. It can cause pressure, especially when you don’t handle assignments. 

Academic stress can also come from the pressure of finding a job after graduation or dealing with financial problems such as paying tuition fees. It may be helpful to take some time off and relax by going on vacation, talking about your feelings with friends and family members, trying meditation techniques, and making sure you get enough sleep at night.


Homesickness is the feeling of missing home and family. In the first year of study, it is a common problem among students who leave their homes to go to university away from where they grew up. It usually occurs when someone goes through a significant change in life, such as going from high school or college into a university, which can cause stress. 

The lack of structure in student life also contributes to homesickness because it differs from school life. To deal with the problem, students need to recognise what causes them stress and find a way of coping with it by themselves or through reaching out for help from friends, family members or professionals such as doctors and counsellors.

Student-professor Relationship

The relationship between students and professors can sometimes be tense, especially in large classes where there are limited seats for individual attention from the professor. This relationship gets influenced by the student’s personality and how they choose to deal with stress. Students who have a hard time opening up will find it difficult to approach their professors, while those who are more extroverted tend to ask for help from their teachers more often, even when they don’t need it to build good relationships with them.

 Students need to balance these two personality types to succeed in university. It is also best to try and talk to professors and get to know them as a person. You can also try to form a study group with other students in your class.

Time Management

One of the biggest challenges for students during their first year of university is managing their time effectively. It includes balancing homework, studying, social activities, and sleep. Students face a challenge allocating time for different activities because they have never had to do it before. They also tend to overestimate how much time they need for a particular task. Students need to create a schedule and stick to it as closely as possible to overcome this problem. It is also helpful to break down large tasks into smaller ones to be easier to accomplish.

University Life vs School Life

University life is different from school life in many ways. Still, the main difference lies in university students organising their own lives, and there is little structure like in high schools. The lack of structure can be problematic for some people because it requires them to manage their time on their own and make decisions independently.

It can be a challenging transition for many students who have someone telling them what to do. On the other hand, university life offers more freedom and opportunities than school life. Students have the opportunity to meet different people from all over the world, learn about new cultures and explore new interests.

The transition to university can be difficult for students, but they can overcome any challenge that comes their way with the right tools and strategies. Students need to stay positive, seek help when needed and make the most of this new chapter in their lives.

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