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Published on January 16, 2024

The Psychology of Shape: Choosing the Right Type of Statement Armchairs

In the realm of interior design, the choice of furniture goes beyond mere functionality. Every piece has the potential to be a statement, a reflection of your style, and a communicator of your personality. When it comes to furniture, choosing a statement armchair is one of the essential vocal points of any living space. These pieces not only offer comfort but also serve as a visual focal point in any room. One critical aspect that often goes overlooked is the psychology of shape. The form of an armchair can significantly impact the ambience of a space.

The Power of Curves

Curves, with their soft and flowing lines, create an inviting and comforting atmosphere. A chair with rounded edges can make a room feel more relaxed and approachable. The psychology behind curves suggests that they subconsciously evoke a sense of comfort and safety, tapping into our primal instincts.

Consider incorporating a curvaceous armchair into a reading nook or a cosy corner of your living room. The enveloping nature of a curved chair encourages relaxation and promotes a feeling of warmth. This shape is particularly effective in softening the overall aesthetic of modern or minimalist spaces, balancing the angularity with a touch of softness.

Angular Assertiveness

On the flip side, angular shapes convey a sense of strength and assertiveness. Armchairs with sharp lines and well-defined edges can add a contemporary and bold element to your space. The psychology of angular shapes suggests that they stimulate a sense of energy and dynamism, making them ideal for areas where you want to inspire creativity and engagement.

Consider placing an angular armchair in a home office or a study, where the sharp lines can stimulate focus and productivity. Pairing an angular statement chair with other furniture pieces featuring clean lines creates a cohesive and modern aesthetic. This form is also well-suited for spaces with an industrial or urban design theme, adding an edgy and impactful element to the overall decor.

Embracing Symmetry

Symmetry, the balance of form and proportion, has a profound impact on our perception of harmony and beauty. When selecting a statement armchair, consider the psychological effects of symmetry. A chair with balanced proportions tends to create a sense of order and stability, promoting a feeling of calm and tranquillity.

Symmetrical armchairs work exceptionally well in formal living rooms or spaces where a sense of balance is crucial. Placing identical chairs on either side of a fireplace or a coffee table contributes to a sense of equilibrium. The psychological appeal of symmetry is deeply rooted in our appreciation for balance and order, making it a timeless choice for those who seek a classic and refined aesthetic.

Asymmetry for Dynamic Impact

While symmetry exudes a sense of calm, asymmetry injects dynamism and visual interest into a space. An asymmetrically shaped armchair can serve as a bold focal point, capturing attention and sparking curiosity. The psychology of asymmetry suggests that it encourages exploration and creativity, making it an excellent choice for those who want to break away from traditional design norms.

Consider placing an asymmetrical armchair in a modern living room or a creative studio. The unique form of an asymmetrical chair can add an element of surprise to the overall design, creating a conversation starter for your guests. When opting for asymmetry, ensure there is still a sense of balance in the room to prevent it from feeling chaotic.

Scale and Proportion

Beyond specific shapes, the scale and proportion of an armchair play a crucial role in its psychological impact. Oversized armchairs exude a sense of comfort and luxury, creating an environment that encourages relaxation and indulgence. On the other hand, petite chairs can make a space feel more open and airy, promoting a sense of lightness.

Consider the size of your room and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve when selecting the scale of your statement armchair. In smaller spaces, choosing a chair with a lower profile can prevent the room from feeling cramped. In larger rooms, an oversized armchair can become a focal point, adding a touch of grandeur to the space.

Colour and Material Influence

While the design of an armchair is important, the colour and material used boosts its psychological impact. Warm and earthy tones provide a sense of cosiness and closeness, making them excellent for armchairs in areas where relaxation is essential. Bold and brilliant hues, on the other hand, may infuse a space with energy and life, making a statement armchair stand out the more.

Consider your space’s general colour palette and select an armchair that successfully complements or contrasts with it. Furthermore, the material of the chair, whether velvety fabric, elegant leather, or rustic wood, influences the whole sensory experience. The material’s tactile character has the potential to elicit distinct feelings, increasing the armchair’s psychological effect.


Choosing a suitable form for statement armchairs is more than simply an aesthetic decision; it is an exploration of design psychology. The design of an armchair may have an impact on the atmosphere of a room, influencing how we feel and behave inside it. Whether you like the softness of curves, the assertiveness of angles, the order of symmetry, or the vitality of asymmetry, each option has a distinct psychological impact. 

Consider the size, colour, and material, as well as the form, to create a statement armchair that not only reflects your taste but also evokes the feelings you want to convey in your living room. Understanding the psychology of shape may help you change your house into a space that represents your personality.

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