Published on August 30, 2023

Enneagram Relationships & Compatibility: A Complete Guide

The Enneagram test is a powerful tool for understanding Enneagram relationships and compatibility. It combines ancient wisdom with modern psychology to provide unique and practical insights about human needs and behavior. 

This system recognizes nine personality types, each with its own set of needs, talents, and motivations. By understanding how Enneagram compatibility works, you can make the most of every relationship in your life

This article will explore Enneagram relationships and compatibility in detail, offering an overview of every type’s specific needs in this aspect. 

9 Enneagram Types: Relationships & Compatibility With Other Types 

The following is a concise overview of the nine Enneagram types’ relationships and their compatibility with other types. However, before you dive into the topic, make sure you have taken the Enneagram test and found your Enneatype!

Enneagram Type 1—The Perfectionist 

Enneagram Type One seeks perfection in every sense, and relationships are no exception. Principled and responsible, they want someone who shares their values. So, in other words, Ones expect the person they love to be ambitious, diligent, and dedicated to mutual growth. 

As Enneagram relationships and compatibility theory explains, Ones are most compatible with Enneagram Type Two and Enneagram Type Six

Twos respect One’s sense of justice and duty, while Ones enjoy the emotional warmth of Twos. In a relationship with Sixes, Ones enjoy the loyalty and commitment of Sixes, while Sixes finally find the stability they crave. 

Enneagram Type 2—The Helper 

Enneagram Type Two wants reciprocity in their relationships. They generously share their kindness, warmth, and support with everyone around them, always putting other people’s needs first. Needless to say, they need someone who will love them back with the same intensity and devotion. 

Twos match perfectly with Eights—together, they represent the union of the essential feminine and masculine energies. This is the reason why Twos love being protected and cherished by the passionate and assertive Eights.

They also pair well with Fours, whom they provide with much-needed emotional stability and understanding while receiving complete devotion and loyalty in return.  

Enneagram Type 3—The Achiever

Enneagram Type Three seeks recognition, admiration, and acceptance in relationships. Image-conscious and goal-oriented, Threes struggle with vulnerability, but they make passionate and attentive partners who ensure their loved one is satisfied. 

According to Enneagram relationships and compatibility theory, Threes flourish in relationships with gentle Twos, who like to be behind the scenes while Threes shine in the limelight. Nines and Threes are also a great match, as they provide each other with the unconditional acceptance they need. 

Enneagram Type 4—The Individualist 

Enneagram Type Four needs deep emotional connection in relationships. These romantics believe in true love and dream of finding it. They also appreciate depth, authenticity, and creativity, and their relationships are never artificial. 

Fours are most compatible with Twos and Ones. Both types provide them with stability and understanding, though in completely different ways—Twos shower them with love, while Ones admire their creativity. 

Enneagram Type 5—The Investigator 

Enneagram Type Five seeks intellectual connection in relationships and needs someone who will provide them with enough space. They also struggle with emotional expression and need time to warm up to someone. 

Fives are the most compatible with Types Four and Nine. Fours respect Fives’ needs for space, and these two admire each other’s originality. Meanwhile, Nines are a good match for Fives because they are patient, warm, and understanding and because they do not put pressure or expectations on Fives, who find it hard to commit.  

Enneagram Type 6—The Loyalist 

Enneagram Type Six values security and stability in relationships. They have a deep need for secure attachment and a mature, emotionally stable, and warm person. Prone to anxiety, Sixes crave support and reassurance and can’t stand irresponsible people or undefined relationships. 

According to Enneagram relationships and compatibility theory, Sixes match well with Twos and Ones. Twos provide Sixes with emotional support, and Sixes find it easy to open up to generous Helpers. In a relationship with Ones, Sixes feel a sense of safety and comfort as a result of the Ones’ unyielding commitment and integrity. 

Enneagram Type 7—The Enthusiast 

Enneagram Type Seven seeks excitement, passion, and fun in their relationships. The free-spirited and adventurous Enthusiasts are typically very attractive and have no trouble finding partners. However, developing close and long-lasting relationships is not one of their strong suits.  

Sevens are the most compatible with Types Five and Nine. Fives and Sevens share their love of freedom and insatiable curiosity and enjoy exchanging ideas. Nines provide warmth without pressuring Sevens to be something they are not, which can be very refreshing for them, as they are constantly afraid of being tamed. 

Enneagram Type 8—The Challenger

Enneagram Type Eight needs passion, honesty, and loyalty in a relationship. Strong-willed and assertive, they like to have everything under control and can never forgive betrayal or disrespect. They struggle with vulnerability, but when they feel safe with someone, they are warm, dedicated, and attentive partners. 

As per Enneagram relationships and compatibility theory, Eights and Twos are instantly attracted to one another. Eights respect Twos’ devotion and honesty, while Twos enjoy the intensity Eights bring to relationships. Nines can bring the highly charged Eights back down to earth, too, and act as a calming counterbalance to their energy. 

Enneagram Type 9—The Peacemaker 

Enneagram Type Nine values stability, comfort, and devotion. Easy-going and mellow, Nines value harmony and work hard to ensure peace in their environment. Expressing their needs is challenging for them, so they need a partner who can understand how hard it is for them to be vulnerable. 

Nines are the most compatible with Fours and Sevens. Fours provide them with compassion and a deep understanding, so these two build long-lasting and strong relationships. 

Meanwhile, Sevens bring joy and excitement into Nines’ lives without causing conflicts or disruption. As a result of this, Sevens are often capable of lighting a creative fire in Nines.

Final Thoughts 

While Enneagram relationships and compatibility theory proposes that every Enneagram type has its best matches, bear in mind that nothing is written in stone. 

Every relationship can be healthy and inspiring as long as both individuals are aware of their needs, weaknesses, and strengths. Still, knowing more about how compatible your Enneatype is with other types can help you realize what you want from your relationships and make them stronger.

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