Published on October 10, 2023

Five Tips to Avoid a Stressful Divorce

For the most part, divorce is often unexpected, whether that’s something that’s unexpected for both parties or perhaps for one particular partner. No one gets married with the view that they’ll be getting a divorce at some point further down the line. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have gotten married in the first place.

Divorce can be stressful and unsettling. However, if you know how to navigate it carefully, you can make it a lot less stressful as a result. Here are five tips to avoid a stressful divorce in 2023. 

Try to remain calm and don’t let your emotions get the best of you

Emotions are very common to exist during a divorce of any kind. You’ll also find they’re more easily heightened, which is why it’s good to try and remain calm. Try not to let your emotions get the best of you when it comes to a divorce.

Of course, that’s easier said than done, especially when there’s perhaps some strain or existing troubles ongoing within the relationship itself. The more calm you can remain throughout the divorce, the better.

Use divorce mediation to help with sensitivity 

Divorce mediation is something that is useful when it comes to managing a divorce that might run the risk of turning sour. It’s important to use divorce mediation services when you’re looking to keep everything as stress-free and positive as possible.

Divorce doesn’t need to be a negative process or one that involves a lot of anger or shouting. It can be handled respectively and with care.

Try to avoid involving any children if possible

It’s highly important to avoid involving your children when it comes to divorce. There’s nothing more damaging than weaponizing children and using them within the divorce itself to pit one parent against another.

Try to come to an agreement that when it comes to the topic of children, this is being handled as carefully as possible and without using them to boost any one parent’s agenda.

Cut contact from your ex-partner during this time

It’s not always the nicest thing to do when it comes to divorce, especially if you’re not the one who asked for the divorce in the first place. The person you most likely want to speak to when you’re going through something traumatic or sad is your spouse. 

However, that’s now not possible so it’s worth cutting that contact and finding someone who will be able to be that contact for you.

Find time to look after yourself and find distractions

A divorce can be draining in many ways, which is why it’s important to find the time to look after yourself, while also finding the distractions you need to stay positive and energized. Finding those distractions is good for your mental well-being, so be sure to do it for the sake of your own sanity!

Avoiding a stressful divorce is important, especially if it’s something that you’re going through for the first time.

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