Published on July 19, 2022

How to Cope with Relationship Anxiety

Relationship anxiety is something that can be difficult to handle, down to the point where it can even destroy relationships. Just picture this:  it’s the beginning of a perfect relationship. Love is in the air, communication isn’t one-sided, both parties make each other very happy, almost to the point of a happily ever after.

This seems perfect, right? What could go wrong in a scenario like this? Self-doubt is the answer to that. One of the parties may wonder “Are they going to get bored of me?”, “Would they cheat on me?”, “Are they thinking of someone else” “How long until they decide that I’m not the one?” All of these doubts, these questions, can occur anytime during a relationship.

If you caught yourself having these thoughts about your relationship then you may have relationship anxiety. This tends to occur when someone starts getting anxious about their life with their partner.

While many people do have questions about their own relationship and their own partner, the case becomes different in its crippling anxiety. This is what prevents a relationship from flourishing and this is what is detrimental to the relationship and your mental health. These are some tips for learning to cope with relationship anxiety.  

Communicate how you’re feeling

Are you someone that makes decisions based on anxiety? How about only basing decisions off of what your partner may want instead of yourself due to the fear of upsetting them? You need to speak to your partner. Speak up about questions you have, concerns, thoughts, and things that you’re wanting. Having uncertainties is only going to encourage anxiety even further and this has to be avoided. You need to be honest with your partner and open up about expectations, worries, and even hopes for your future together. Clearing the air and leaving everything out in the open is going to leave a lot of room for a positive and healthy relationship which includes appreciation.

Address conflicts

Sometimes anxiety within a relationship can come down to a conflict that both parties are facing. This can be especially prevalent when a relationship has had a lot of rough patches. Looking into twin flame love and being completely open and honest about each other with conflicts is going to help. This includes talking normally with each other and not yelling.

Look into self-affirmation and appreciation

Relationship anxiety doesn’t need to be with a spouse or a lover, it can even include relationships such as family or friends. This type of anxiety and self-doubt can run rampant in any type of relationship with a person. It’s important to practice positive self-affirmation on yourself and show appreciation towards others.

Identify what is causing your anxiety

Is this anxiety caused by a lack of confidence? Fear? Past relationships? It’s important to try to assess the root of the problem and figure it out. This may include wanting to think back to past relationships to see if there was a problem there.  This may help you raise some awareness on what could be the underlying cause of your anxiety. It may even be best to seek a mental health professional such as a relationship counselor. They may be able to assist in finding this underlying reason.

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