Published on March 4, 2024

What are Mail-Order Brides? Explained Here

As the dating situation in America and Canada becomes crazier and crazier, many men look to foreign countries for marriage opportunities. “Westerners spend thousands of dollars to meet girls from Russia, Thailand, Colombia, and make them their wives,” shares a team of dating experts.

According to these experts from, the need for better marriage opportunities has led to a massive development of mail-order bride services. Nowadays, you have specialized brokers and dating sites where you can find your future wife with minimal hassle. The best thing is that these girls are every bit as invested in the process as they look for a better life abroad.

In this guide, we’ll explain the concept of mail-order brides, where they come from, and what the process of meeting these women online looks like. Hopefully, some of this information will help you find a dazzling foreign lady for marriage.

Who Are Mail-Order Brides?

The concept of mail-order brides is nothing new. It has existed since the 16th century when ladies from poor countries would immigrate to wealthy regions looking for a better life. For the most part, they were young, beautiful girls who didn’t have much going on in their favor besides physical traits.

The brides would have barely any contact with their grooms before coming to the country. Upon arriving and tying the knot, they would receive numerous concessions from the government, such as land and money. Because of that, the couple could start their marriage on the right foot, having enough resources to foster a large offspring.

As the time went by and technology progressed, the concept became more sophisticated. Guys would now visit foreign countries to meet these ladies in person, or they would hire brokers to help them out. Providers eventually started printing brochures and catalogs, allowing users to learn more about available options before traveling abroad.

Today, the entire process is much more egalitarian and in favor of mail-order brides. While there are still brokers and dating events, singles usually connect through specialized sites akin to Tinder. Here, girls can enjoy enormous protection and slowly meet a future husband without too much pressure.

Where Do Mail-Order Brides Come From?

Although most mail-order brides are still looking toward potential financial compensation and a better life, money isn’t the only reason why they engage with foreign husbands nowadays. For some of them, this type of online dating represents a chance to meet exotic guys with intriguing backgrounds.

Depending on a country, dating with foreigners might be the only option to find a husband. Keep in mind that some regions struggle with a low male population, so young girls are forced to choose between staying alone and dating Westerners. Whatever the case might be, here’s where most mail-order brides come from and their motivations.

Slavic Countries

We often use the term “Russian brides” for women who come from Slavic countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Poland, and so on. Although these girls have the same forefathers and similar incredible genetics, they can be a bit different in terms of customs and behavior. Nevertheless, almost all of them make for great wives and mothers.

Slavic ladies look toward the West as an escape from their reality. In this particular case, the most might not be the biggest motivator. Instead, they might want to leave their country for political and cultural reasons. Slavic women are interested in foreigners because of their charm and manners, traits that are uncommon among Slavic men.

East and Southeast Asia

Asians are the biggest group of mail-order brides. You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about guys going to Thailand for sex and dating, but you can also find dazzling beauties in China, Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

Out of all these groups, Asian ladies have the biggest incentive to date foreign men, especially those from Europe and North America. Interestingly enough, money isn’t the only reason why they like Westerners. Ladies prefer foreigners because of their height and size, as they tower above most Asian men.

Some of them are looking forward to traveling to Europe and America, leaving their mundane daily lives behind them. Westerners are exotic, spicy, gallant, and have numerous other characteristics that might not be common among locals.

Latin America

Despite similar roots and language, people from South and Central American countries can be very different. Nevertheless, there are some similarities between them, prompting them to look for husbands elsewhere.

For example, many ladies are worried about crime and political instability, which is why they’d much rather live in Europe, Australia, Canada, or the US. Even if they might prefer domestic husbands, they understand that partnering with foreigners will give their kids a much brighter future.

Some of them simply want to live a peaceful life and escape the local machismo culture. To certain ladies, Europeans seem much more moderate and a great choice for fathers. Of course, it also helps that these guys, on average, are much richer.

How to Meet Mail-Order Brides?

Meeting the woman of your life is never simple. Even with mail-order brides, who are generally interested in foreigners, you still need to jump through several hoops before snatching them off the market. Basically, here’s what the process looks like:

  • First, you need to learn more about available options. Mail-order brides from the three previously mentioned regions are completely different, so you need to find the one that is suitable for you
  • We can’t understate how important it is to find a good site. Start by shortlisting platforms that specialize in your desired mail-order bride group. After that, you need to find websites with transparent pricing policies and without too many bots
  • Focus on your search. Don’t communicate with dozens of girls at once, as these websites charge you for every message sent
  • Create a strategy of approach to ensure maximum success rate. Like with any other type of online dating, getting to a girl is never easy, so you’ll need to be charming
  • Don’t rush things once you meet a lady you like. Always remember that you’re from a different culture and have different customs and it’s only natural there will be some misunderstanding along the way. Ultimately, this is a girl you’re going to marry, and you need to be certain she’s the right for you
  • The last step of the process is meeting the girl in person. Commonly, the guy will go to the bride’s country, where they can also meet the family during a short visit. After that, you can slowly start the visa process

By following these tricks, you’ll not only find a mail-order bride faster, but you’ll also get yourself a nicer girl. Take your time, give her space, and ensure she’s the right one.

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