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Published on April 21, 2023

5 Tips for a Student to Reduce Stress Before an Exam Session

While it may be impossible to fully eliminate the stress and anxiety every student faces before an exam session, one can focus on the best ways to reduce them. The trick here is to locate those stressors and triggers that make things worse and always stay on the bright side of life. Our mental state and our attitude are precisely what helps to reduce at least half of the stress related to exams, as we often make things seem worse than they actually are! Once we change our perception and look beyond the fear of failing, our confidence always grows, thus allowing us to achieve much better results. 

1. Create a Mental Exam Outline. 

Regardless of what exam you may have to complete, it’s always possible to create a special outline or a checklist for what’s to come. It will help you to stay aware of the objectives and narrow things down. When you are prepared (more or less), it makes it easier to control the fear and anxiety that are often inevitable. If there is more than just writing, focus on the verbal presentation aspects as well and practice your speech based on time restrictions. This way, you will know how much each part takes and can speed up or relax, depending on the results. 

2. Brainstorm Various Training Courses.

Another good idea would be to look up free or affordable online courses on Udemy or Coursera platforms that deal with the subject of your exam. Some of them will only take hours, so it’s a good idea to get ready in advance and have some training. It will help you to learn the basics and improve your overall knowledge. If the problem is in the writing mechanics and editing, consider checking writing services reviews and learning what kind of writing or editing assistance you may get. When you have a good example of how things are done or how some essay is composed, it makes a world of difference! 

3. Explore Your Subject Beyond The Curriculum.

If you are concerned about not knowing enough about some topic and always feel like learning beyond that, it’s only natural to feel stressed. A good tip would be to take time and explore your subject beyond what has been made available by the school materials. Think beyond the box, find unusual facts, take helpful notes, test yourself, and you will feel much more confident as the time to approach the exam session comes up. 

4. Do Things That You Truly Like.

Sometimes it’s enough to take time and have some fun right before an exam session. Since our brain needs to switch to something positive, it often becomes the best way to cope with all the stress that comes along. You can play sports or listen to music as you deal with stress and smile at the songs that you love. If you are not into music or sports, you may consider reading a book or even taking a quick walk around the block. The most important is to have a change of scenery! 

5. Meditation and Self-Control.

Another interesting solution to consider is the use of breathing gymnastics and meditation. It is not only one of the best methods to maintain self-control but also a constant positive boost for your body and mind. If you have never tried meditation before, you may find it helpful as it does not require any financial input and can last for as long as you wish. When you can come to peace right before the exams start, it’s an important solution to consider! 

Why Eating and Sleeping Well is Important! 

While changing our habits overnight is difficult, keeping yourself hydrated and getting enough sleep before an exam session is vital for success. When your body is exhausted, or you are feeling hungry, turning to quick brain foods can become that essential element that will help you to stay focused and relax. The reason for that is the release of toxins and improvement of cardiovascular circulation, which can be made possible when you include fruits and healthy drinks. The same is true for the amount of sleep that you should get before the exam. If you are feeling tired and overly stressed, getting some sleep always helps. Therefore, getting proper rest should be on your top list of things to consider! 

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